You have to celebrate your wins

There’s always another problem; something is broken, a customer is upset, one of your staff made a mistake.

You fight all the fires, fix as many problems as you can and the next day it’s a new pile of them.

It’s easy to get caught up in that – it’s job security. It’s life. there will always be another problem, expected or not.

Remember that everyone of those problems that you’ve addressed is a win. It’s something that’s better after you fixed it.

Sure – not every problem is a monumental win and you certainly don’t want to over celebrate every little problem fixed. (We all know that person…)

Don’t forget – often times many of those small wins add up to big ones.

Stop and think about that. Look back on those problems that were monumental 6 months ago. I bet you’ve forgotten more of them than you remember.

I remember every frustrated customer, every unexpected bug, our outages that I stupidly caused. We’ve faced hundreds of problems every day on every scale.

But I stop and look back, everyone of those problems along the way over the last 3+ years now. All of those add up to a lot of great wins, some small, some gigantic.

We’ve had a lot of Wins

The first time someone told us they couldn’t use us because they have to submit to another portal – now SynctaOne (formerly C3Connect) is patent pending – I still hear it described as magic by that customer. We submit hundreds of tests a day saving our customers HOURS.

Backflow has a lot of forms, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown my arms in the air and said, “Why do they need that 3 times on the same form!?” No where will you find more subtly different forms that have the same information on them than in the backflow world. But through all those problems -most of them one form or small tweak at a time- we’ve built a solid process that lets us work with any form in the backflow world. We have hundreds and we can setup new ones up in hours. Our competition has tens of forms and takes days or weeks to set them up.

Our Customers are Worth Celebrating

But most importantly I remember our customers. Our first customer (hey Matt!) I talked to on the phone for hours, working out what worked and didn’t, building new functionality and deleting others when they didn’t work right. We worked through all of his problems until he was comfortable with us earning his business and paying us. What a win that was.

And our second customer, our fifth, our fiftieth, all of them had problems to work out along the way: some small, some pretty insurmountable.

But everyone of those customers was a win, and every future customer will be a win. When they say thank you for something small or for changing their lives – take time to celebrate that and don’t forget that all those problems add up to wins.

You have to celebrate your wins

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