We’re More Than Just Three

The past several months at Syncta have been intense.

When Syncta was just a little guy, the three of us put our heads down and worked-worked-worked, only coming up for air to throw out ideas and questions at each other. Words often became heated, which was good since the garage that we worked in was not well insulated, and we’d take any heat we could! But every day around five, we’d sit across from one another, myself in gloves, drinking cold beers. There are few things better in life than bonding over a cold beer in a cold garage with hearts full of ideas and hope. Those wintery afternoons that turned dark so early found Brock, Jeremiah, and myself pacing, white-boarding, and laughing – a lot. We were exhausted, but we were excited.

Three Years Later

Things are different now, which is to be expected. For one, we have heat in our office. The three of us are each learning how to balance our stubbornness with realistic expectations, while still driving towards innovation. Now, we continue to drive there – but we have a lot more help than our six hands.

Here’s the thing: we have an amazing group of folks that we get to work with each day. Seriously. We got the cream of the crop.

Fearless Leader

Our first new kid on the block is Diana. She has taken loads off our shoulders, transferring much of that responsibility to herself. Despite her long hours and incredible work ethic, Diana has brought a vibrancy to our west coast office that we didn’t have before – she has the same level of excitement that the three of us have from the get-go. She’s our connection to the larger Watts corporation and has acted as our liaison as we’ve grown from three to nine.

The Comedy Stage Customer Success Office

I think some of my co-workers might be envious of where I sit. I get to share an office space with Angela and Samantha and they are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met. (They have a lot of other helpful attributes, but a sense of humor goes a long way in a work place.)

Samantha has one of the driest senses of humor. She’s had me in tears from laughing more than a few times. (If you ever have some time – ask her about how she was on the precipice of naming one of her kids after Madonna.) When our customer success line rings, Samantha provides a level of empathy that does not come naturally to me. I’m regularly impressed by her ability to pretend that “every customer is her grandma,” resulting in her ability to see a problem from a customer’s perspective.

When we met Angela during our interview with her, I realized that tech writers are anything but boring – a misconception on my part. Instead, Angela is a heck of a go-getter, and runs solely on diet Dr. Pepper. On her first day, Brock asked Angela something along the lines of “Hey, can you document everything about our first week process? We basically don’t know what we’re doing,” and she said, “Oh… sure!” Since that day Angela has reviewed processes that we take for granted and documented them for customers and co-workers alike.

Pride in Sales

There is nothing understated about Tomas. He prides himself on being memorable, and he’s good at that! His passion and pride for sales may only be matched in his talent for interior design. Within a couple of minutes, he recently turned our sad looking entrance into a welcoming space with just a few items. (I’ve seen pictures of his nursery for his little one arriving in two short months, and it’s beautiful!) Every 10 o’clock meeting he starts with, “I’m still excited!”

Our Development Team of Awesome

Thank goodness for Philip. When I heard that Philip was a teacher for a few years, things made sense. His curiosity and immediate search for knowledge is at the forefront of every conversation – whether it be about why pizza costs so much more on the west coast or whether we’re ever going to be able to inhabit another planet – Philip’s inquisitive nature pervades everything he does at Syncta. Because of this, he’s learned our application and began implementing improvements from day one. I can hear Jeremiah’s sigh of relief because of the work Philip has put in.

My favorite anecdote about Darryl is when Jeremiah went to pick him up from the airport and Darryl, being from Southern California, continually said, “It’s so green here – everything is so green!” (And it’s true – this part of Oregon is very lush and green!) If you get the chance to chat with Darryl, you’d see how committed he is to ensuring that our customers are heard, and that we provide them an amazing experience. Could I be any more excited for what Darryl is creating? Our offline application is going to be exactly what our customers are asking for.

Some Things Stay the Same

While our new team is bringing about a lot of exciting changes, some things remain the same.

Brock still needs time to think through a process. Jeremiah dives in head-first when there’s a problem. I laugh as loudly and as often as ever, and challenge Brock to the daily duel. (Joking. Kinda.) We are still people who think that Syncta is going to change the backflow testing world, and we have utter faith in each of our customers that they will point us in the right direction. And some days, when 5 o’clock rolls around, you’ll find our newest team members joining the three of us, drinking cold beers and sodas, hearts full of ideas and hope.

We’re More Than Just Three

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