Welcome Angela, Our New Technical Writer

Hi there! I’m Angela – Syncta’s technical writer. Like our other new team members, I’m excited to join such a dynamic, forward-thinking company.

Bridging the Gap

As one of the least technical people at Syncta, my job is often to help translate technical speak into information that our users can understand. The most important part of my job is to write self-help articles that explain how to use our software. I figure if I can learn how to complete a task, then my hope is that you can too! We’re always working to improve and expand our self-help library; if an article doesn’t make sense or you think we haven’t covered something, please let us know!

As a “recovering” journalist and technical writer for 20 years, my background is varied. Before becoming a technical writer, I was a music critic in Japan, reviewing acts like the Eagles and Eric Clapton. After moving back to the states and realizing that journalism wasn’t my passion, a friend told me about technical writing. I’d never heard of it and was lucky enough to start my career at a small software company.

Over the course of my technical writing career, I’ve worked in industries ranging from telecommunications to the trucking industry to a manufacturer of infrared cameras. While the subject matter at each company has been vastly different, they all had one thing in common – the need to explain how to use the products that they built. In many ways, a technical writer can help bridge the gap between the folks who create products and the customers who use them.

Variety is the Spice of Life

At Syncta, I have enjoyed wearing technical and creative writing hats. On a given day, I might write a new article for our customers, help with content for a marketing initiative, and even record messages for our phone system. If you ever call us after hours and listen to any of our greetings, now you’ll know whose voice is on the other end.

In future blogs, I look forward to writing about my experiences fixing irrigation issues in my own home. As I’ve become more familiar with the backflow industry, I’m realizing how my own endeavors to repair my sprinkler system tie into what we do at Syncta! Through trial and error, and with some direction from folks at the office, I’m learning how to diagnose and troubleshoot broken sprinkler issues on my own. Not only have I saved a lot of money, but I’ve become the “go to” sprinkler person in the neighborhood!

When I’m not writing about backflow testing or fixing my sprinklers, I enjoy spending time with my son. This summer we’ve gone hiking at the beach, kayaking, fishing, and even roller skating. While Oregon winters can be rainy and gray, that doesn’t stop us from running at the local track or heading up to Mt. Hood to go snowboarding. No matter the weather, we’re always on the go!

In the coming months, I look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the backflow testing industry and getting to know the amazing people that we serve. If there’s anything that I can do in my role to help you be more successful, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Welcome Angela, Our New Technical Writer

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