WaterStart: Bringing Water Technologies to the Desert

When you think of Las Vegas, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A water oasis? Probably not. In the middle of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas stands out with bright lights, huge buildings, and hot black pavement. While most of the hotels have at least one pool, Vegas is not a wet region, in any way. But how you think about Las Vegas is about to change due a startup incubator known as WaterStart.


As a technology company helping to provide clean drinking water, Syncta loves to learn about other companies and entrepreneurs that seek to improve water usage. WaterStart is just one of those organizations that helps technology-minded folks focus on water issues.

Over the past three years, Nevada has provided $3.3 million towards water-related technology startups with the intent to improve how water is utilized. The organization has brought some innovative ways of thinking about water use, and aims to continue doing so as they enter their 8th round of grant funding this October. With funding towards technical and busines development, one of the goals is to let Las Vegas be a grounds for teaching the world to thrive on less water.

“As fresh water becomes increasingly scarce, water resource management and sustainability will be vital to maintaining quality of life and economic development in communities around the world.”

The WaterStart Focus

To encourage new startups to migrate to Nevada, WaterStart has put together a technology priority list. The list ranges from Drinking Water technology to Microbial Detection to Agriculture tech. Mining, waste water and commercial building water technologies are the others that make up the priority list, each with specific preferences to focus on. Each grant round has specifics they try to focus on – such as water cooling towers tech.

Why is this exciting? Because technology can be the catalyst for change from how much water we use on a daily basis, to investigating new options for water infrastructure. Instead of stagnating, WaterStart encourages the water industry to evolve.

Why Las Vegas

A desert may not be the typical location for water research. However, it’s an ideal area. Managing water resources, and ensuring that water is used wisely is no more important than arid climates. And that’s exactly what Vegas has. As the driest state in the US, there’s a huge demand for managing water intelligently. With enough knowledge and technology improvements towards managing water, Nevada’s farms could prosper with less water, and rural communities could greatly benefit. Researching less water-intensive crops to grow in Nevada can easily expand to other arid climates.

Sutainable water technology

Seeing organizations and technology businesses taking an interest in water is exciting! As a company, we care just as much about clean water as we do about our business, so these are the types of stories that motivate us. What do you think? Will Vegas be the next technology capital? Either way, it’s an awesome step in the right direction towards sustainable water usage.

Do you know of a new technology company or organization that focuses on clean, sustainable water? I’d love to hear about them!

WaterStart: Bringing Water Technologies to the Desert

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