Work for a Water Purveyor? Let’s chat – we can save you WEEKS of staff time.

In our time at Backflow & Cross Connection Trade shows and reaching out to testing companies, we’ve had the pleasure of talking with a lot of water purveyors.

One of the few questions I try to ask all of them is, ‘What’s your biggest problem?’

I get a lot of different answers but it’s just about guaranteed that their answer is something around paperwork or entering the test results they get from the field or receive from testing companies.

I’ve been amazed at the complexity of some of the solutions I’ve heard of. “We take email reports from testing companies, then we print those out, put them in a ‘to-do’ pile – our staff then enters those into system 1, prints out a report from system 1, passes that to another staff who enters it into system 2 and then shreds the paper.”

That’s one of the AVERAGE situations. Some of the more complicated workflows I’ve heard have involved up to SIX copies of a test report getting moved around before finally being ‘done.’ DANG! That’s too much paper and WAY too much staff time.

A Water Purveyor Solution

If you saw our recent twitter pic from the Oregon ABPA show you might have thought we were offering a solution to that problem.

You’d be right! We saw a great opportunity to save water purveyors a lot of time and hassle processing the paperwork involved in receiving test reports from testers and creating the necessary forms for their state or jurisdiction reporting.

Others advertise web-entry. It’s a good solution but it has a lot of hangups – you need to maintain access to those companies and reconcile the test entries they’ve entered manually. On top of that, you haven’t removed the processing. Usually you’re asking your testing companies to double up on the work they do – they create a test report form for the end user/customer and their records, and then spend additional time entering results in to your portal – most testers we chat with don’t much care for it.

Our solution removes the need to enter results a second time. We’ll process paper or email reports you get from your testing companies and automatically import and verify the results are all in order and match your needs.

Getting Rid of Manual Data Entry

At the end of the day, we’re seeing that we can get rid of about 95% of manual data entry. As a water purveyor, you can decide how aggressive you want to be with the rules for manually reviewing the processing. This means you decide how much time you want to save, and how much you want to manually verify.

On top of automatic import and processing of test report forms, we also have all the bells and whistles you’d find with other solutions. It integrates nicely with our very smooth user interface. You’ll only see the fields you need at the right time – no drowning in screens filled with fields you don’t use.

We’re confident we can save you many weeks of staff time a year as well as remove any internal IT needs for your backflow system.

If you’re unhappy with your existing solution or would like to see how much time & money you could save with our automatic processing – please, get in touch with us, we’d love to chat.

Work for a Water Purveyor? Let’s chat – we can save you WEEKS of staff time.

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