Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we have been asked by our customers during on-boarding. Click on the question to see the answer.

There are no limitations to the amount of data we will store for you. As long as you are an active customer, we will store your data for as long as you need it.

We utilize Amazon Web Services for our data hosting.

Syncta is a multi-tenant service. It is designed with core tenants that ensure our customer data cannot overlap or be seen by other customers or entities.

The data entered is owned by our customers. The details of this are covered in our Terms of Service.

Data can be exported within the Company Options section, under Administration. Clicking the Download a Backup of Your Data button provides CSV & PDF files of all data that has been entered.

All data in transit to and from our application is transmitted securely using a modern cipher suite, SSL, & TLS 1.2 or greater.

By default we do not employ data encryption at rest. For an additional monthly cost, we can provide application or database level encryption at rest.

We have a multi-tier backup strategy that is tightly integrated with our redundancy and high availability processes. Data is stored in multiple off-site locations, which includes differentials and nightly full backups. All data is transported and stored under encryption.

Yes. We have processes and procedures in place to address disaster recovery situations ranging from data center outages to complete switches of data center providers. They are reviewed and tested annually.

Our application automatically scales based on system load and latency. At the minimum, there will always be two systems for each portion of our application (database, application servers, queue systems, background workers, etc.) We will never have less than two instances in operation to prevent a single system causing an outage.

Our Terms of Service specify our service limitations. In general, there are no bandwidth or space limitations unless an action is taken that affects the rest of our customers negatively.

We perform internal penetration tests every six months. We don’t provide those penetration test results to customers or the public. Customers are encouraged to seek third party penetration testing companies to validate our service security.

We employ multiple lower environments for testing. A continuous deployment/testing strategy is used to validate application code changes, as well as operating system, related patches, and updates. These are fully functional and wont impact end users before they are deployed to production systems.

We have substantial integration capabilities with external systems. You can find documentation on our API here:

No. All operations that can be performed by a user in the application can be performed via our provided API.

Our operating system is Amazon Linux. Application development is primarily Ruby on Rails, and the database is PostgreSQL.

Yes. We offer an app for both Apple and Android mobile devices. They offer 100% of the product capabilities of supported devices.

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We provide report creation and modification as part of our standard service fees. This feature is not self-service at this time.

Yes. We can add or remove custom fields depending on your needs.

Yes. We make extensive use of open source software. License agreements can be provided upon request.

Windows 7 / 10
Internet Explorer 11 or Edge
Chrome 42+
macOS 10.6+
Android OS 4.4+
iOS OS 8+

Single sign-on can be supported as part of an enterprise level agreement and an additional cost.

Our self-help center is available 24/7 with detailed documents providing assistance. And our average response time is within 30 minutes during business hours.

Beyond our data center provider (Amazon Web Services), portions of our application leverage third party services (routing, credit card processing, email transmission, etc.). If an external service is unavailable, that portion of the application will be unavailable or work will be queued for processing when the service returns.

Admin production control requires username/password and 2 factor authentication.

Yes. All changes performed on customer data are logged within an audit trail. It can be provided by request from an approved administrative user of the application. The data is write-only to secure it from tampering/updates.

In general, most transactions in our system are real-time. When large batch functions are performed, these are processed in a background work queue to ensure the application responds quickly to the end-user while the heavy-lifting is performed in the background. Our application indicates processing is occurring for those operations.

Our trailing year up-time is 99.995%

We maintain a roadmap but don’t provide it to customers at this time.

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