Undelete now available – because everyone make mistakes

It’s been about 10 years now; our team was pulling an all-nighter launching a new management system for our division – it was big, it was important, it was the night of the go-live. And then our database was empty. What happened?! It was empty! Someone had deleted the whole thing, every record! My boss called off the go-live, we pushed it to the next night. He said, “let it go,” but I had to find out who did it.

I dug and poured over all the records. Turns out I did it. I don’t even remember doing it in my lack of rested state. I truncated (that’s database for really screwed up) the production database.

I made a mistake and deleted something I shouldn’t have done – what I wouldn’t have given for an ‘undelete’ button.

Now, if I make a mistake in Syncta and delete a test or a device, that’s alright! Why? Because I can easily hit the ‘restore’ button and get back my information.

Backflow is all about building a paper trail.

(We’re trying to take the paper out of that–but the idea is the same!)

Whether you call it history, auditing, papertrail–the idea is the same: keep track of everything. That means all those ‘delete’ buttons throughout Syncta don’t really delete things – they just end up hidden from view. That’s done so you always have every piece of record you’ve ever created without question.

Sometimes though, you delete things when you don’t mean to. Now undelete can come to your rescue!

On any customer page where a test or device has been deleted you’ll now see ‘Show Deleted’ buttons that will show you the deleted records if there are any. If you see a deleted record that you’d like back, simply click the ‘restore’ button – presto! – it’s back just the way you left it before it was deleted.


No more lost paper or a file cabinet that could sink a ship: Easy!

Undelete now available – because everyone make mistakes

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