2017-2018 Backflow and Water Tradeshow Season

The Backflow and Water Tradeshow Season is almost upon us!

It can be a little daunting trying to search out all the water-related and backflow relevant tradeshows, conferences, and meetings. For the most part, tradeshows that are backflow specific tend to fall during the “slower” testing months. Since many water utilities require annual residential backflow tests to be completed in summer, it’s common for many testers to slow down a bit come September. Thus, the shows commence. We attend many shows, both locally and nation-wide; we’ve found them to be incredibly informative and useful.

Interested in attending one? We’ve done some of the legwork for you! There’s a blend of shows are relevant to backflow testers, purveyors, and a mix of both! Since so many states have individual backflow conferences, let me know if you’re attending one not listed below. (Also, some of the ABPA chapters have not yet listed their dates for their tradeshows.)

Tradeshows for 2017-2017 Season


We have not attended this expo previously, but is centered towards municipalities. It takes place just around the corner, August 27-30 in Orlando. There are smaller state ones, which are easily searchable on their website.

National Rural Water Association Conference

The WaterPro Conference is being held in Reno September 18-20. If you’re a rural water utility, this is one you may want to check out!

Western Canada Water 2017 Annual Conference

Canada, we didn’t forget you! The theme of this year’s conference is “Making Every Drop Count,” so you can expect focus to be on efficiency and sustainability. Held in Saskatoon September 20-22, you may want to make this a bit of a vacation if you’re in the states, but potentially worth the travel.

RIBPA 2017 Conference

On the East coast? Jeremiah ia presenting at this on September 22 in Warwick, Rhode Island. We’d love to see you!

WASWD Conference and Tradeshow

Will we see you at the Fall Conference and Tradeshow over September 27-29 in Wenatchee?

WEQ Fair

October 17-18 in Nashville. At only $20 bucks per attendee, if you’re in the area, this Wastewater Equipment Fair could be well worth your time. Keep in mind that because much of this is live demonstrations, it is held outside.

Western Washington Cross Connection Prevention Professionals

The 22nd Annual Group Seminar is being held October 18 in Tacoma. This is a great tradeshow for testers and purveyors alike!

AWWA Water Infrastructure Conference

This expo is suited for water utilities, and runs October 30-November 2 in Houston, Texas. The educational sessions run the gamut from Infrastructure to Cybersecurity. You’re bound to find something useful at this AWWA conference.

Water Quality Technology Conference & Exposition

Located in Portland, Oregon November 12-16 this is quite the spendy expo, so make sure to take notes!


This show is the world’s largest annual tradeshow for wastewater & environmental service professionals. You’ve got time to decide if you’d like to attend, since it’s not until Febuary 21-24 in Indianapolis. With two full days of education, prepare to learn a lot!

Benefits of atttending a Tradeshow

You may say, eh, I’ll never get anything out of these shows. What’s the point?

When you’ve been working an industry for a while, it’s easy to think you know all the good stuff. I’m consistently surprised at how much I learn at conferences and shows (both professionally and for hobbies.) A different perspective can be advantageous for your business. Presentations at these shows range greatly. We’ve attended ones that focus on how to hire millennials, how to plan for your retirement as a small testing business, to how to use technology to help your company. (Okay…maybe we were the presenters for a few of those technology ones…)

Rest assured, most conference sessions are merely educational, not sales-focused.

If nothing else, there’s always free pens.

2017-2018 Backflow and Water Tradeshow Season

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