Track backflow reports you email to customers & H2O districts

Email is a large part of how our company works. It’s how we interact and how most of our backflow reports are submitted.

Our email management system lets us send transactional emails without us needing to be manually involved.  It also lets us track when emails are successfully delivered, as well as when emails bounce, such as in the case of an invalid email.  There are many popular email systems on the market, and they specialize in email so we can focus on specializing in backflow.

Spam or Not?

One of the aspects of using an email management system is that it’s great at blocking what is seemingly spam–great for end customers, but not great for companies that aren’t actually sending spam.  Nobody wants junk mail, so it’s no surprise spam filters can be fairly aggressive.

Recently, We had some emails auto-blocked when customers names were entirely written in capital letters. For example, if I had sent an email that said, “Hello SASHA,” as the first line, it would often auto-block it since a lot of times spam uses entire uppercase words. However, the same exact email written as “Hello Sasha” would have been successfully delivered.  Once we realized this was an issue, we set up an automated change to “Titleize” names of customers. Now anything that looks like SAMUEL SMITH is changed to Samuel Smith.  Since we switched that over, we haven’t had any pre-blocked emails due to form. Also, I don’t feel like the email is yelling at me, which is nice.

view-customer-email-history-1Delivered or Invalid Email?

Up until now, we (The Syncta Team) could see when emails bounced back to us, which is often because of invalid email address.  We could also view when something was successfully sent and delivered. However, to know if your emails were successfully being delivered, you’d have to ask us…that just added an unnecessary step. Now, when you submit tests to water purveyors you can see in test submissions where the report is–whether it was blocked, sent, delivered, opened, or marked as spam.


This is also true for individual customer’s pages. After you email a customer their backflow report, you can view the message history, view the current status, and see what date and time the report was sent.  If you’re doubting whether or not you sent a customer’s report to them you can easily see if or when you did. If you’re not sure if you set it up to automatically send to customers, you can check under administration.

We’re also monitoring them on our side to make sure there isn’t a high amount of blocked or bounced emails.  We want to make sure that your customers and water purveyors are getting each backflow report you generate!

Interested in how we can save you time? Give us a try—for free!

Track backflow reports you email to customers & H2O districts

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