Time Zones make time hard to do right

We have customers in six time zones and counting. Which time zone is the right time zone? Everyone’s answer is their own!

And they’re right! As of today, you can configure the time zone you’d like your company to work in. Your choice will adjust time throughout Syncta – your test report times, when you’ve submitted reports or updated anything – your time zone will be displayed throughout.

To set your time head over to your company options page and towards the bottom is the ‘Time Zone’ dropdown. Pick yours and hit ‘Update Company’ and enjoy being on time!

Web applications frequently struggle with time – it’s a lot more complicated than it should be. Let’s look at how many different times we work with.

What’s the time?

We’ve always kept our application in UTC or Greenwich Mean Time. It’s straight forward, but if you’re outside of England it isn’t very helpful. We’re in Pacific time so we thought about setting it to that, but then our East coast friends would be off. That doesn’t even get us to parts of the country/world that have and don’t have daylight savings time.

On top of that we don’t just have application time. We also have system time on our servers. Those are in a few different areas of the US, and database time. And finally we have the time zones all of our customers use, that’s a lot of different time zones. It’s why we started with UTC – it was a single time zone that was easy to synchronize across everything.

The Times are changin’

UTC was an easy starting point but it didn’t work that well for a lot of our customers. So we did what we always do – improve! And now all of our application time is properly scoped based on your specific companies settings.

We do default everyone that hasn’t changed their time zone to Pacific time though, because if you ask me, it’s the right time zone.

Time Zones make time hard to do right

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