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You won’t find a more satisfied customer than a Syncta customer. If you’d like to speak with one of our customer references, please contact us.
Dave – Oregon Backflow Testing – Oregon, U.S.A.
If a backflow company was on the fence of whether or not to move to the Syncta platform, I would tell them they are crazy not to! Our company productivity and profitability has increased dramatically with the routing integration and customer management features. Once you have experienced the difference you will not go back!
Syncta has been working hard to increase visibility in many areas of the system. They improved our guys’ ability to see appointment required customers easily on their routes. Also, when an account has had all devices tested the account heading goes to green. Huge difference in productivity in the field.
Syncta has also streamlined invoicing customers which gave us the ability to eliminate billing through a different software system. Syncta has been the most responsive and available software company we have ever worked with.
Mark – Cascade Backflow Assembly Services – Washington, U.S.A.
I tell you what, you guys are amazing! I’m so glad I found Syncta. Although I’m learning to use the program and making some mistakes, I wish I wasn’t making, I’m still very pleased with this backflow program and how my business is going with it. More importantly your customer service, I’ve never experienced such great service in my life and that’s the honest truth. Thanks so much!
You guys just keep getting better and better with your service, I’m blown away. I was telling my wife last night how amazing this program is and how much more work it would be if we had to send test reports via mail and try to keep track of invoices and billing. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a customer of yours and how it translates to good customer service for my customers. Thank you again!
Matt – San Juan Backflow Services – Colorado, U.S.A.
Syncta is conquering database management for cross connection control programs. Backflow test reports and record keeping took up the majority of time with backflow, containment and isolation reports. The paperwork seemed endless.
I tested a couple backflow software programs with limited success. Since switching to Syncta, we have freed up numerous hours of tedious recording, uploading, scanning and faxing reports to clients and water purveyors.
Syncta is a one-stop-shop for your data entry and submission reporting. I highly recommend the Syncta platform to all backflow testers, installers and water purveyors.
Heather – Herres Backflow & Construction – Washington, U.S.A.
The number 1 improvement that working with Syncta has provided me is time. I was wasting countless hours on a program that was not backflow tester friendly. Entering data was fine but sorting through the test forms and keeping them organized to send to both customer and purveyor was taking up too much time and paper. Syncta has simplified this process for you and after entering data, you are just a few mouse clicks away from completing your task.
The number two improvement that working with Syncta has provided me is lowering my stress level. My workload is now manageable, and I can see how we will be able to take on more business and grow, all while providing speedy customer service. I don’t have stacks of paper forms piled up on my desk because Syncta is doing the bulk of my work for me because it’s a well-built program.
Working with Syncta was successful because they understand the entire process of testing and reporting and have the computer technology expertise needed to finally integrate all the steps into a streamlined package. The customer service they provide is awesome and you don’t have to wait days for an answer. The learning curve is short to navigate through the website and if you need a little help, they are a phone call or email away to point you in the right direction.
If you are uncertain about whether to work with Syncta or not I’d say stop clinging to the past. You don’t have to dig in and work harder if you just find a way to work smarter. This is it! Syncta is going to save you time, money and stress. I have been nothing but impressed with their product and customer service.
Mike & Virginia – FDI Backflow Specialists – Nevada, U.S.A.
If you thought you know what customer service was, you’ll have to think again… Brock Sheehan at Syncta backflow is the essence of customer service! With a very ‘hands-on’ approach, a supreme knowledge of the backflow business and a genuine concern for helping you and your business flourish… that’s what is offered by Syncta. They devised a program specifically for us and what we needed and have been instrumental to our business in being more efficient! If you’re looking to streamline and maximize your workload, then Syncta is exactly what your business needs!
Dave & Jean – HomEaze Residential Property Services – Florida, U.S.A.
We love Syncta! It was one of the best decisions we have made for our small business. We found that we were spending too much time writing up worksheets and then reports manually. We really wanted to try to cut down on the paper, save time, and streamline operations. Syncta did exactly that.
We no longer fill out or carry worksheets. We put the order in Syncta, assign it to a route, and the results are entered on site in real time. We no longer have to manually write up the worksheets or reports to submit. This saves hours of time and reams of paper – and it is next to impossible to lose an order or report.
Another plus – our purveyors love the fact that they can easily read the reports! Routes are simple to prepare and then organize – improving efficiency. Then the testers love how easy it is to enter their information and quickly review the results to accept for submitting. Submitting emailed reports is simply a click of the mouse. We no longer need to scan reports – another time saver.
We highly recommend Syncta. Our business is small, but we truly believe that all backflow testing businesses would benefit from using Syncta regardless of size. If anyone is on the fence, try it. The trial period is free. We’re sure that when the trial period ends, you will be convinced that Syncta is for your business as well.
Bryan & Liz – Backflow Kauai – Hawaii, U.S.A.
There are so many significant improvements to our backflow business since we started working with the Syncta team, there’s just way too many to list. The Syncta team has made this business so much more efficient on so many levels, and it’s an absolute pleasure working with their team. We are excited to see what new and improved products they incorporate into our business next as they are always updating to make our business better and easier for us. Best thing we’ve got for our backflow business ever. I would highly recommend the Syncta services, unless you are our immediate competition, if you’re working my neighborhood…. nah, you wouldn’t like em.
Kathleen – Aquaduct Plumbing & Heating Inc – Alberta, Canada
The two most significant improvements have been on time and efficiency. It is time consuming to download the form from the City of Calgary website, fill it out and submit it. Using the Syncta program takes even less time than writing this review. With the Syncta program, all I have to do is review and submit. Easy. Simple. Efficient.
Syncta documents all my information. I don’t need to keep paper and our tester has all the information he needs in his hand prior to testing. On the rare occasion I need help, the staff is always available, knowledgeable and friendly.
Thanks to this program, our client base is growing and easy to keep track of. To those on the fence about this program: This program is everything it should be.
Kate – Thad Ellet Plumbing – Illinois, U.S.A.
Thad Ellet Plumbing has found that Syncta makes our backflow prevention testing and reporting significantly easier. Syncta provided a customized template, specific to Thad Ellet Plumbing’s reporting needs. My favorite part about Syncta is the customer service. When an issue arises, I can count on Syncta to have the issue resolved.
Christin – Aqua Backflow & Chlorination – California, U.S.A.
Syncta has improved our company’s workflow and transparency. Being able to see what our Techs do on a daily basis is great! We can handle more tests than ever.
Syncta is so great at taking care of our company. They are always available and helpful. When we need a custom report or a change in our test forms, Brock and his team do it quickly. Syncta is a great way to understand and see all the data your company has. When you work with so many devices and test forms, it can get confusing. This program is able to make it simple and easy, not only for your company but your customers as well.
You will NOT find anything like this on the market that is this simple and easy to use.
Deanna – Oregon Backflow Testing – Oregon, U.S.A.
If you want a seamless, supported, and successful Backflow business, I highly recommend choosing Syncta. Syncta assisted in streamlining my daily workload. As an Administrative Assistant, I was spending many hours using multiple systems to perform my daily duties.
Syncta linked our company website to a customer portal that directly interacts with Syncta. The portal enables the customer to sign up for Backflow Testing and places them directly into the testing queue. This allows our company to track new customers and makes routing seamless.
The Syncta team is progressive and accommodating. If they update the program, they make careful consideration that the update is positive change for the entire program globally.
I have enjoyed building a relationship with the Syncta team. If I have a question the team is there to answer. The team is personable and makes every effort to meet our company’s needs.
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