Take-Aways from TreeO 2017 Presentations

We attended TreeO’s 2017’s show last week in Daytona beach.

20 hours worth of plane rides and airports isn’t great, but putting my feet up on the beach before the show is a pretty great way to offset it.

There were some great presentation & take-aways I wanted to share.

The Presentations

TreeO makes their presentations from the show available publicly, which is awesome for the people that don’t get to attend.

I only sat in on a few of the presentations – (hey, I needed to talk to folks about Syncta) but there was some great information I wanted to point out.

Gauge Cleaning – it’s easy to forget to do some preventative maintenance. Clean those in-line filters!

Another presentation I was able to peek my head in on was the one on Service the Customer. It’s easy to forget that the customer doesn’t know a fraction of what testers do about backflow testing. Customers often get frustrated when they are reminded they need to have their backflow tested. They become even upset when they realize they may need repair work! This was a great presentation on how to prepare yourself so that you’re not getting wrapped up in the argument. Instead, educating them can be incredibly helpful.

The presentation I was most eager to listen in on was Managing a Paperless CCC Program Using Cloud Computing. I don’t that should come as a surprise! Having spent years in the backflow industry before there were non-paper alternatives, I’m a huge advocate of cloud storage and electronic means of cutting back on paper. It’s not just about reducing paper though – as Tom mentioned in his presentation. For instance, the program he mentioned didn’t allow submitting information into a test report once a tester’s certification has expired. When you’re using paper reports, there’s nothing stopping a tester from still filling out reports and mailing them in. More often than not, the tester’s simply forgotten to enter his new expiration date! In the end, it cuts out human error.

While Tom did present about a competitor, I’m happy to say that C3backflow can do all those things, and a lot more. Data Analytics, Customer Portal, and Efficient Routing and Appointments are some of the awesome things we do with our paperless option – just to name a few!

I really enjoyed the TreeO show. Without a doubt it was the best organized and smoothest running show we’ve attended so far. Big thanks to a great organization and a fantastic show. We’re looking forward to attending again next year – and maybe next time, I’ll stay for a day or two extra to sink my feet in the sand a little longer.

Take-Aways from TreeO 2017 Presentations

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