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Welcome Matt, Our New Customer Success Representative

Welcome Matt, Our New Customer Success Representative Hi There, My name is Matt and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Customer Success Team at Syncta. I grew up in Toronto, and as the only Canadian on the team, I feel privileged to represent Canada. Like many kids in Canada, I was obsessed with […]

Backflow Testers Nemesis: The Procrastinator

It’s that time of year. You’re likely being inundated with potential customers pleading, “I NEED my backflow device tested. When can you be here?” One of our customers stopped by yesterday and during that short time, he received several texts from unknown numbers asking, “Can you get out here today?” His response to us was […]

Plumbing is customer service

Jeremiah’s latest blog focused on part 2 of marketing your bft business online. So, now that you’ve (hopefully) set up your Yelp account—what do your reviews say about your business? Backflow testing is typically done by a few different types of businesses. It’s likely you fall under the umbrella of landscaping/irrigation, plumbing, or fire safety. […]

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