Attending Trade Shows: The Advantage of Differing Perspectives

When you’re in a specific trade of work, it’s easy to assume there’s little evolution within the field. It’s rare that any given line of work is completely stagnant though. So how do you find out about new ideas, and stay up-to-date with the latest information within the industry? By attending Trade Shows. That’s not […]

Invoicing with Syncta: Our newest feature is here!

We’ve been working with beta testers to develop a full-featured invoicing option. It’s been in the works for a while; while we love presenting new features to our customers, we also like to make sure a feature is working effectively before releasing it on the masses. Why did Syncta switch from a billing feature to […]

Syncta Connect: One Backflow Test Submission Method

Initially, one of the reasons Jeremiah set out to create a backflow testing management solution was that he was tired of watching his dad enter results in the field, only to come back home and re-enter them back into his computer. Double entry is time-consuming, and it’s inefficient! It’s also more prone to human-error. This […]

Backflow device testing: Educating your customers

Why are there negative perspectives on backflow testing? Recently I’ve noticed some news articles about backflow prevention devices, and what stood out was the negative perspective that individuals have towards them. There’s several arguments that residential irrigation systems shouldn’t need to be tested more than once every few years. Why?

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