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It’s time for another new feature blog! I know you all have been on pins and needles waiting for this blog, so I thought I’d give you a special treat just in time for Halloween 🙂 Read below to see if there are any recent additions that you haven’t already discovered.

Review Tests on Customer Page

On the Customer page you can now take action on the Pending Review tests within the Tests section. This makes it easy to approve all the tests related to one customer rather than having to locate them on the Pending Review page. You can still use the Select All box to approve or download the PDF reports for the tests in bulk!

Navigation Buttons Added to the Top of Pages

Have you ever been editing a customer on a mobile device, but the change you made is at the top of the page and now you must scroll all the way to the bottom to save your changes? Now when you edit a customer, service location, or device, there’s a Save or Update button at the top of the page!

Colored Map Pins on the Route Page

When you are on the Route page, you will now see that the map pins are color coded based on how many tests are left to be performed at that stop. Red means all tests still need to be performed, yellow means that some of the tests are done, and green means that all tests are finished at that stop! This makes navigating your daily routes from the map even simpler.

Live Page Updates

On the Review Tests and Submit Tests pages, when you click a button you will see them process in real-time rather than having to refresh the page before the changes are visible. This is an exciting new feature that we are working to implement throughout the application. Keep an eye out for this feature to start appearing on other pages of Syncta 🙂

Review and Restore Deleted Gauges

On the Gauges page you now can see gauges that you have previously deleted. You can even restore a deleted gauge to be used again later. This allows you to delete gauges to make the dropdown selection list smaller, without worrying about losing the specific information related to that gauge.

See Recent Test Information When Creating a Notification Batch

While creating or editing an in-progress notification batch, there is Recent Test column that indicates if there was a recent or in-progress test for a device. This helps you quickly see if there is or isn’t a test in progress, making sure your notifications are being sent to the most accurate list possible.


There have been a few changes in the Reports section of Syncta. Some reports can now be filtered the water purveyor, and other reports include new columns. Two new reports were also created, one that shows all the invoices that have been written off, and another that shows all customers that require an appointment. I wanted to highlight these changes so you remember that we can easily modify these reports for you. It’s important to have your data instantly accessible when you need it!

We all hope that you find these additions helpful. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you!

New Features Blog

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