Stop Looking Back: Forward-Thinking for your Business.

Today, Jeremiah gave a presentation at the National American Backflow Prevention Association Conference. We’re all proud of that – it’d be silly not to be. But the thing that struck me most is when I called to ask how it went, he said, “It went well. I think the next thing we need to focus on is…” Instead of taking that time to gush about how he felt it went, he moved straight to what needs to happen next.

Is your company always looking forward to what needs to happen next? If you’re looking backwards, it can get pretty easy to get behind! Or even worse, you might lose your footing!

Forward-Thinking in Spring 2017

1. What worked last year might not work this time around.

Have you sent snail mailers for the past decade reminding people to get their backflows tested by you? It might be time to try something new. For instance, if you have email addresses, send them an email. The great thing bout emailing is it’s nearly immediate, and the steps a person can take are also immediate. They see your email in their inbox, and most people will think oh, I’ll just respond now! That can keep your costs down, and keeps up with changing times!

2. Set targets based on reality of THIS April, not last April.

With inflation, you should expect to be making at least a little more this month than a year ago, right? Consider anything else that you’ve changed as a company before predicting where you’ll be on April 30th. Have you hired any new? Has anyone received a raise? What about backflow testers – were your techs new to backflow testing last year, and this year can bust out an extra 5 more per day? These things will all affect your bottom line. Consider that when making predictions and weighing the costs of something you may need at your business.

3. Ask your team what they think!

You don’t have to come up with all the great ideas. A good team is one that can discuss ideas and brainstorm new ways to do things. Take advantage of your company’s assets – the brains of your employees! They might see problems you don’t, and have a unique approach to utilize moving forward.

Know how Albert Einstein defined insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Stop approaching the same problems with the same solution – use forward-thinking, and change how you’ll do things this Spring.

It’s okay to glance back for a minute!

While Syncta encourages you to keep forward-thinking, we’ll have a comprehensive blog on the presentation up on the site on Thursday in case you weren’t able to attend the conference!

Stop Looking Back: Forward-Thinking for your Business.

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