Stay Focused at Work- It’s almost 2018!

It’s hard to stay focused during this time of year. With holidays, long weekends, and -often- slower business, it’s easy to get distracted. But 2018 is almost here – and nobody wants to ring in the new year with a pile of backflow reports that haven’t been submitted to water purveyors, or a pile of invoices to send out. What can you do to make sure you stay focused over the next couple of days?

Do all those little things…

Managing a backflow testing business? Make sure your employees have a general idea of when they’d like to take time off during the upcoming year – that way you can ok those Time Off Requests and get them on your calendar. What other little things can you do to stay focused in the office? Clean up your desktop by organizing it and putting things in files (consider using something like Dropbox if you don’t already), archive all those emails that you responded to back in June, and send late notices on those past-due invoices.

Are you a backflow tester yourself? Clean out your truck – you might be amazed at how many spare parts are kicking around in there. Get those check valves and springs back where they belong so that you’re not fishing around between seats come January 2nd. Getting your gauge calibrated this time of year is also a way to make sure things are still getting finished up when it’s harder to concentrate.

Start prepping for tax season

No matter where you are in the country, backflow testing starts getting crazy by April… right around the time you need to file your taxes. Get your ducks in a row now, so that you’re not floundering on April 14th. Have an accountant? Great! Make sure everything tax-related is up-to-date and filed for him/her. Don’t have an accountant? Consider hiring one now. Believe me; they pay for themselves. Now is a great time to do that so you can have plenty of time to see what they may need come April. January is a busy month for accountants, so don’t despair if it takes a bit of time to hear back from them.

Look back on your year and plan ahead

I know I say this every year, but looking back can help you plan for 2018. It’s also something a little different than what you may typically do, so you may be able to stay focused on it easier. Think back, what improvements did you see within your business in 2017? Did you notice your backflow testers were being more efficient when testing? Or maybe you made sure all your invoices were sent the same week the backflow tests were finished. Awesome!

Now consider, what changes can you make in 2018 to make things better? Create business goals that are easily measured. For more on how to set attainable goals, check out the Five Golden Rules of Goal Setting. Going in to the new year with clear goals can set you up for success.


If you find you still can’t stay focused during this time of year, make next year easier. Take a vacation during the last week of December, and make sure to have everything sorted out for the new year before Christmas.

Thanks for following along with us in 2017. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings, and we look forward to working with you all! Happy New Year!

Stay Focused at Work- It’s almost 2018!

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