Starting at Point A: Route Optimization

With cool weather creeping on us, it’s likely your backflow testing business is settling down for a long winter’s nap. Now that you’re looking over your list of customers still to bill, or seeing a pile of paperwork that needs to be filed away, now is a good time to also look into how to make next year’s process go a little smoother.

Here at Syncta, we feel that routing is the first place to start organizing and cutting wasted time.

let’s go over some of the basics of setting a route.

Navigation menu




First, you’ll want to enter in testers information if you haven’t already, since Syncta decides how to route efficiently based on the testers address. You can find this by clicking on “users” under Administration. Now, you can access your scheduled devices from the Syncta navigation menu, under Routes.

Here is where you can see all the stops you’ll need to make before their scheduled date. You can also view the map view of where each of these backflow devices are located.

You can easily pick and choose which ones you want to test by clicking on the map points or by dragging the spots from “available” to “route test stops.”


Test Stops can Easily be Dragged, or Spots on the Map can be Clicked to Add to a Route


fake name testing routes

Once you’ve gathered all the stops that you want to test, go ahead and optimize route.Ready to test button


We’ll take you to each stop in the route when you’re ready to test, where you’ll fill in the test results.


Fill in Test Results Quickly and Easily

Testing a customers RPZ

(Don’t worry, we compile the results into test reports that are easy to send to water districts and customer alike.)  Once a route is completed, the tester is done! There’s no racing back to the office to get test reports in–it’s already saved in your Syncta software.

On the routes homepage you can easily see routes specifically created for you to test, routes that other backflow testers are testing, and the routes that have recently been completed. With the option to route up to 100 devices in a go, you can choose to create a huge route to complete throughout the week, or choose to make individual routes for each day.

Once a route is completed, the tester is done! There’s no racing back to the office to get test reports in.


But what if something suddenly comes up and I can’t complete the route?next stop pause cancel button

You’ve got a couple options here: either pause the route, and come back to it at a later time, or  cancel it completely. The test reports of the devices you already tested will be saved,  and the ones you didn’t have time for will go back into the log to be put into a different route.


I already use an app to optimize my routes. I don’t think this will save me time.


At Syncta, we disagree. We spent a lot of time deciding the best way to make sure everything you need is integrated in one place.  One of our first customers also used to use an app to route his test stops, but now, with everything integrated into one place, it cut out the time he spent juggling between the app and his paper test reports. Instead of needing to input addresses into his phone, they were already set up for him in our software. Our goal is to simplify and streamline, and route optimization is more than just reducing drive time. It includes removing the need to input addresses daily or shuffle between paper test reports between stops, as well as directing you from your first stop to your last.


I’m an admin. I don’t test devices but I was hoping I could create a route for some of my testers.


Absolutely! Simply create a route and name it so it’s easy to identify, and  instead of “ready to test” at the bottom of the screen, once you optimize the route, you can simply press the bright blue Create Route button. This leads back to the route page, where you can now assign a tester, if you want. The assigned tester can now easily start testing the route you created.



The Syncta Crew strives to make backflow testing simpler. Sign up for a free trial to check out what routing can do for your business, or let us know if you have any questions. With route optimization on your side, you and your testers will be able to cut travel time while staying organized.




Starting at Point A: Route Optimization

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