Small improvements can make a big difference

I talk often about how we want to continually improve our product. We want to make sure that we’re constantly evolving: not based on what I think customers want, but instead what they ask for.
Each morning at 10 our team stops what we’re doing, and we hash out what we each are focusing on that day. It keeps us on track and opens up conversations about priorities. While we keep most of our morning meetings to about 15 minutes or less, this tends to be the time when we start getting excited for the day–and the time that we often spin off into longer conversations.

A couple weeks ago our team discussed our priorities; we discussed creating a larger feature that we’re really excited about or focusing on smaller improvements. After we each pitched in our 2 cents, we decided to plow through some “smaller” improvements so we could refocus as a whole to work on the larger feature.

Here’s a few of the improvements requested by customers that we’ve been working on over the last few weeks!

  1. We now filter the backflow device model based on the type and manufacturer that have been selected. Sasha mentioned this on Monday, but I think it’s going to help a lot out in the field!transfer-button
  2. Just this morning we implemented a “transfer” button by the devices. When backflow testers test for entire companies–such as property managers– things can get convoluted when a building is sold to a potential different customer. Instead of deleting and creating a new device, you can now simply “transfer” the device between customers. This is ideal for commercial areas that have new owners often.
  3. Many water purveyors require a report for devices that are removed–now testers or admins can simply mark the backflow device as “removed” and a report is auto-generated.

We love making improvements—it’s how we continually let our customers know that we’re listening! Give us a try to see if we can make improvements for your backflow testing business!

Small improvements can make a big difference

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