Providing a Better Search!

Initially when we put together our thoughts on what our customers might need in regards to searching for a specific customer, we thought, “Let’s create a search for customer name.”  We met with some beta testers once we had our application at a point that they could start testing backflow prevention devices–we wanted some feedback.  One of the first questions they asked as we sat around a crammed, paper-filled office was, “Can you search by address or street name?” No, we said. But you won’t need that if you’re using the routing page in the way in which we intend.

This brings up another point; we created Syncta with intentions and a mindset on how we would use it. However, that doesn’t mean that every customer uses it in the same way. In fact, most of the time when we chat with our users, we find they use it in very different ways than we had expected. A lot of people don’t even glance at the routing page–backflow testers or owners of backflow testing companies remember from year-to-year the various street names, and where those roads are located–routing isn’t something they want to consider right now. So when our beta testers asked for a way to search for address, we said, “We’ll think about it, but first try it out this way.”

Customer Feedback Leads the Way

We realized early on by not adding that search option that we were limiting how our application could perform, so we put searching-by-address on our To-Do list. A month or so after committing to creating the feature of searching-by-address, it was complete. The crazy thing was, before we even sent out a happy notice of the new change, we got feedback from a customer saying, “You changed your search feature! Thank you! Now, what about searching by device make and model…?” And like that, we had our next Search Idea on the docket.

At Syncta, we’re not stagnant. Technology is always improving, growing, expanding, becoming BETTER. Telling our customers to use Syncta in the way WE would use it is irrational and holds us back. So, we listen to our customers and we change and apply awesome customer feedback and ideas — just as quick as our developers can get to it. (And I’m really proud of the fact we do make changes quickly and efficiently!)

The New Way to Search

So, yesterday, we rolled out our new search option. Users can now search by device make and model, meter number, and serial number, along with other customer and device information. If it’s on your customer’s page–you can likely search for it now. If a user types in “DC” in the search box now, a list of all the Double Check devices they have listed for their customer’s will drop down. There’s typically a lot of them!  What if a customer emails you asking you a question about their device? You can search by their email now! I think you get the idea–if it’s a way you’d think to find a contact, you can search by it.

Around 6 o’clock PST last night, Jeremiah chatted with us coworkers. “Let’s get a note to customers about the new search options by tomorrow or Thursday,” was the consensus. Less than an hour later? We got an excited email from a customer saying, “Just wanted to let you know I noticed the change in the Search bar to include Devices – you guys are incredible!” I’m not exaggerating.  This kind of feedback makes it exciting for us to continue to change our application with our customers leading the way.


When we get customer feedback, negative or positive, it fuels us at Syncta to continue to improve our application for current and future users.  So, what’s next?  You tell us.

Providing a Better Search!

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