Save your time with online training

The only thing I remember about the 40 hours of training I spent getting my backflow tester certification was when I left a test cock open and turned the water back on, I blasted myself square in the face! The instructor had even stepped back, noticing what I was about to do to myself.

That’s not quite fair – I also remember trying not to fall asleep while we spent half of each day reading the next study section to ourselves.

I don’t know any state that lets you get your tester certification without doing an in-person class but many are starting to do renewals & other training online. Are you taking advantage of it?

I love hands-on training, it’s how I learn most efficiently. Some prefer written or observational learning, but most people I know in the trades need to do something to really learn it. Unfortunately for us tactile learners, much of the required renewal or continuing education units for our licenses are written tests.

Finding the time in your busy week to attend a half or full day session can be nearly impossible.

Thankfully, we’re seeing a lot of jurisdictions moving to online training over the last few years. Not all of the interfaces are that intuitive and friendly but I’ll trade a bit of clicking around with the freedom of choosing when I can focus on the training. Not having to schedule a fixed time on a certain day (always during business hours) can give you a nice chance to really spend time focusing on the training and not worrying about what you ‘should’ be doing instead.

See what your state/jurisdiction has to offer – you might just be able to find online course work that can save you some precious time.

Usually your license renewal or continuing education notice has a website on it – start there. If your jurisdiction doesn’t offer anything ask them for it!

Save your time with online training

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