SaaS – Making things better, faster, for everyone

I sing SaaS (software as a service) praises pretty frequently. I’m not the only one. Many prominent companies & people believe it wont be too long before all software is SaaS. 

I was talking with a prospective customer last week about what happens when they discover a bug. Software always has bugs, hopefully they are small bugs but sometimes they aren’t. When you have software that’s installed on a local machine in your office and you find a bug a process that generally looks like below happens:

  1.  You find a bug or something doesn’t behave the way you’d like it to
  2.  You follow your vendors trouble ticket process and tell them about it
  3.  The vendor looks at it and is able to reproduce it (if they can’t there may be a few extra steps here trying to find the problem with you)
  4.  The vendor prioritizes your fix with all other outstanding fixes
  5.  The vendor performs the fix
  6.  The vendor creates a patch or new installer for you & provides it to you
  7.  You get the patch, read through how to implement it and then install it
  8.  You test that it’s all better and your issue is resolved. Hopefully you’re done at this point.

This is a time consuming process! I’ve heard examples from some of our competitors taking weeks to months for simple bugs to be addressed with a process very similar to this.

We save time with SaaS

SaaS save a lot of those steps. A process for our solution looks something like:

  1.  You find a bug or something that doesn’t behave how you’d like it to.
  2.  You hit the help button in our app and let us know what’s up
  3.  We prioritize the issue with others – if we receive multiple reports of the same/similar issue we’ll automatically increase the priority – the most troublesome problems get fixed first
  4.  We perform the fix & write tests so that it never reoccurs.
  5.  Our automatic deployment process tests & deploys the changes.
  6.  We let you know it’s fixed.

No installation, no long-term back and forth with installer or patch problems.

The most important difference between the two processes is that you’re always benefiting from issues that other people bring up. If someone else reports an issue and it gets fixed, you never see the bug – you just get a great experience.

When you use packaged or installed software you have to download updates (frequently quarterly or yearly) that include patches for the problems other people reported. If the product you’re using has been customized it’s often the case that you can’t even receive updates for other people’s problems because your product is too customized for other patches to work. That greatly increases the amount of issues you have in your application and lengthens how long fixes take.

SaaS makes it easier for you to receive patches and means you’re always running the newest & best version of the product we have available. You don’t have to worry about what keeps our product ticking.  This lets you focus on testing backflows while we handle the tech.

SaaS – Making things better, faster, for everyone

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