Announcing the Release of Our Customer Portal!

I’ve been talking about it a lot the last few Tech Thursdays. (I’m excited about it!) Today it’s time we make our customer portal available to all of our customers.

Let’s look at how we’re making it easier than ever before to get an amazing website for your backflow business!

What does it get me?

Communication with your customers is critical to business today. We’re making it easier to keep in touch with them and save you time!

With our customer portal your customers can:

  1. Schedule tests
  2. View their test & billing history
  3. Manage their annual automatic tests
  4. Add additional devices to be tested
  5. Update their contact & billing information
  6. Inquire with you about anything else

More than that – your company gets a lot of benefits out of working with your customers through our portal:

  1. Automatic billing of tests for anyone that has scheduled through your portal once they are done – no more sending billing or reconciling billing after the fact – their card is billed once you’ve reviewed their test.
  2. Scheduled tests through the portal are immediately available in your normal Syncta workflow just like any other test – no reconciling scheduling & phone calls.
  3. Customers that are able to answer their own questions save both you & them time! No more emailing duplicate test report copies out or updating records via phone messages about devices – they can do the work themselves – anytime of the day!.
  4. A modern website presence that complies with all of the current SEO best practices means you get all the benefits of an expensive marketing website without any of the pain. New customers can find you and old customers can rest assured their favorite company is keeping up with the times.

How easy is it?

It’s easy! Let’s walk through getting the basics setup…

Start by logging in

Administration -> Company Options.

Syncta edit company options page

Make sure your Name & Phone are how you want to appear to your customers. Also add a logo if you like by selecting one from your computer.

Next head over to Test Prices

Syncta test prices overview

Here you’ll want to edit the test prices you want to show to your customers. Most of our customers have numerous test prices – most of which they don’t want to show to a normal customer, discounts, special pricing, etc. You can show up to four prices on your portal page. You must have at least one or your customer portal won’t be complete.

Specify the Portal Order and edit the portal description for each of the prices you want to show up on your portal. The Portal Description field supports Markdown. Check out the wiki page on Markdown to learn how to spruce up how the information is displayed.

Finally we’ll go move to ‘Portal Options.’ At the top is your very own customer portal URL – but don’t click it quite yet – let’s make sure it looks good first!

Syncta Edit portal options page

Select whether you want to show your company logo & company name on the page – this is useful if your logo includes your company name – you don’t need to show it twice.

Fill in the Tagline.

The Contact phone & address will let you override your company information if you’d like to display it differently – they are optional.

You can choose a customer background image to use if you prefer something different from our basic grass background. I definitely recommend keeping it fairly simple so it doesn’t distract from the content.

You can add multiple sections that will show up in order on your page – these can be background on your company, services you offer, anything you’d like! These fields like the test price description fields also support Markdown to allow you to beautify your page.

Once you’ve got all of those fields filled in click ‘Update Company.’

Now click on your Portal URL at the top and take a look!

screenshot of customer portal landing page

Phew, that’s pretty!

Don’t quite like the way it looks? That’s the great thing – you can make changes to it at anytime!

Want it hosted at your existing URL (IE instead? No problem! Already have a website? Not a problem – you can link to it from your existing website and just use it to allow customers to signup for backflow testing & manage their information. Drop us a note; we’re happy to help you get your Customer Portal setup so it works the way you want it to.

Wrap up

Existing Customers can access their Customer Portal settings right now!

If you haven’t signed up for Syncta yet, now is a great time to give our free trial a shot.

We’d love to hear how you & your customers like the Customer Portal and what else we can do to make your backflow testing business better.

Announcing the Release of Our Customer Portal!

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