Putting Customers First

How important are customers? Incredibly important! I was thumbing through a recent issue of Plumber magazine when I found a great article on putting customers first. And, let’s be honest, I loved it because it’s what we boast a lot about at Syncta – putting customers first and using their feedback to make a better product. Putting customers first isn’t always easy, but in the end it’s absolutely worth it.

How Important is putting customers first?

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where the food was relatively good, but the service was over the top? The server remembered you wanted a lemon in your water, let you know the food was just about out, gave good wine recommendations, and made conversation with you about something more than the weather? I have! I consistently choose to go to those places over places with GREAT food but bad service.

Now, of course, I hope you’re providing both great customer service and great literal service in your plumbing, irrigation, or backflow testing company…but great customer service goes a long way!

Plumbing horror stories are often about the Plumber, not the Plumbing

I recently had a friend tell me about a plumbing issue she had. Her basement had an odor that got worse and worse and in the heat of Maryland summer began creeping up onto the first floor of her home. She called a plumber and he came out and put some caulking around an exposed pipe and told her it was fixed. He treated her as though she were a nuisance, not a potential return customer.

While he was there, she mentioned she’d like to also have her downstairs toilet looked at because it gets clogged easily. “Stop using Charmin,” was all the plumber said and stuck her with a $150 bill, without even looking at it. Literally. He didn’t even want to see the bathroom. Well, the heinous scent didn’t go away. So, she called the plumber back and this time his response was, “There’s something in your air ducts. You’ll have to clean or replace them entirely,” and then hung up. So, she and her husband googled how much it would run to replace their air vent lines, and gagged a little.

Then, she called her dad to tell him the story. Several hours later her dads “Plumbing Guy” was at their home, talking to her like she was a regular human. He quickly identified the problem and assured her he could fix it, estimating how long it would take to fix and providing her with a quote. He also included looking at the toilet issue in his initial visit. Guess what? It wasn’t a Charmin issue – surprise! (There were too many 90-degree angled PVC pipes connected to each other in close proximity – fixable.)

Having a plumbing “Guy”

Sadly, this isn’t the first plumber-horror story I’ve heard, but you can be the “Plumbing Guy” that she’ll return to call whenever something awry pops up.

Putting customers first is how you run an effective industry business. Return customers, especially in things like backflow testing, are essential. Each time you win one over, you’re making both their life easier for next year, and your business run better. You can be like the server who remembers you like lemon in your water. Putting your customers first doesn’t have to be difficult. Treat them with the respect you’d expect in the same situation. It’s amazing how far a little respect can go.

If you’d like some great customer service with a backflow testing solution, feel free to sign up for a free 30 day trial.

Putting Customers First

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