Proactively Reduce Thanksgiving Plumbing Issues

It probably comes as no surprise to you that the holidays are the busiest time of year for plumbers. The day after Thanksgiving in the US is the single most active day for plumbers. This year, take some steps to prevent clogs and backups so you can peacefully sleep off your Tryptophan slumber. 

The most common call to plumbers deal after a day of feasting deals with kitchen sink drains and garbage disposals. No surprise there!

What can you do to proactively discourage these clogs? Here are a few tips!

  1. Wash dishes as you go if possible. Assign a helper that wants to help and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to keep up with the dishes. That way when you’re exhausted at the end of the long day you’re not shoving wishbones down the garbage disposal. It also means less water going down the drain all at once.
  2. I love a cajun smoked turkey as much as the next guy–but I avoid pouring any of the fat down the drain. Avoid putting any oil or grease down the drain. What seems like a little bit of grease adds up quickly if you’re pouring off several dishes.
  3. Take heed to abide by the garbage disposal cardinal rules. (There’s not just one!)
  4. Have a bunch of guests at your home this Thanksgiving? Let the shower rest 15 or 20 minutes between showers. This gives your drains time to rest to make sure the water is through them. This is especially true for people living with septics. Also, ask your guests to keep their showers short if you’re planning on running the dishwasher or washing machine much.
  5. Use common sense. When my little sister was growing up, she loved those 3 oz dixie cups that you’d find in the bathroom often in the 80s and 90s. (As a side note, kids like weird things.) My parents thought the colorful cups were a waste of money, but as a reward to my sister brushing her teeth she’d get to use one, so they were around for a year or two in our house. We finally had to call the plumber after my dad snaked our toilet one day and couldn’t get the clog out. The culprit? A 3 oz dixie cup flushed down the toilet. So, don’t be like my sister. Use common sense.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday to the fullest–and make good plumbing choices!

Proactively Reduce Thanksgiving Plumbing Issues

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