Plumbing is customer service

Jeremiah’s latest blog focused on part 2 of marketing your bft business online. So, now that you’ve (hopefully) set up your Yelp account—what do your reviews say about your business?

Backflow testing is typically done by a few different types of businesses. It’s likely you fall under the umbrella of landscaping/irrigation, plumbing, or fire safety. Most of these business aren’t “customer service” centric—or are they?

So what are the things that your customers could say about your business that you would (or may already) take pride in? After a plumber leaves the home, what’s the best thing a customer could share about their experience? What is going to stick out in a customer’s mind is the promptness, the quickness of the procedure, whether something was fixed, and how polite and clean you were with their home. In the case of backflow testing it’s a little simpler–they still need you to be prompt in testing their device so they are not plagued with aggressive late notices from the water district, and they want to be notified of the test results, that they were sent to the district, and likely need ease in scheduling.

What parts of your backflow testing business could you improve on, to make sure every Yelp review is five-stars? What pieces are you lacking entirely? Is it difficult to get ahold of a backflow tester from a customer’s perspective because your administrative assistant is part time? Or, do your customers start fretting because their devices haven’t been tested even though they’ve scheduled with your business, yet they’ve received a 2nd notice from the water district?  Regardless of how well you perform a backflow test, if you aren’t managing your business well, customers aren’t going to give you rave reviews if you’re lacking in other areas.

Take the time to look over any reviews you currently have on social media and review sites like Yelp. Concentrate on improving those aspects as you move forward–with the new year, it’s  new opportunity to revamp your business. I’ve talked a bit about this in my last post  where I talked about setting business goals for growth.

Focusing on your customer is the best way to know which path your business needs to take. Pmmag had a great article  on customer retention. In a business built on annual return customers, your business thrives on keeping customers happy. Know how to do that by listening to what they have to say. I worked in retail for a good portion of my life–it’s easy to become defensive when customers have a complaint. It’s better for your business if you step back and not take the complaint personally, and instead use it to better your business. If you listen to your customers, and make changes based on their less-positive comments, your business will improve in return. And if you offer above-and-beyond customer service, others are likely to search you out when they find a business they aren’t satisfied with. Be the better business! Allow 2016 to be a year of improvement.


At Syncta, we aim to be proactive. We’re ready to help you with establishing a better management of your  backflow testing business whenever you’re ready. Check us out–you might like what you see.

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Plumbing is customer service

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