Don’t let the January slumps get in the way of your plumbing goals!

Almost 2 weeks into January, and the gusto that you may have had January 1st may have slipped a little. It’s a slower month for a many companies–both services and retail. I recently wandered through some clearance sections at a local store and saw rolls and rolls of Christmas paper 75% off, and the sparkling wine at my grocers has plummeted in price–the holidays are clearly over, and most people aren’t thinking about wrapping presents and toasting at midnight. Things lull this time of year.  Can you blame people for not wanting to be productive? Here in the States it’s a rainy or snowy time of year, cold and gray…and summer seems so far away. 

It’s easy to put goals aside as you get back into the swing of normal life. I have a suggestion. Don’t! Keep at your goals now, so that when the full force of Spring time sprinklers and Summer time backflow testing gets going, you’re well set-up for it. If you expect it, you can plan for it. And if you plan for it, you’re going to be ahead of your competition.

I recently talked about goals, and about setting up some resolutions for your company. Well, what about personal plumbing goals? The two don’t often go hand-in-hand, but they can.

To get you inspired, I’ve made a short list of things to consider this drab time of year. When you feel successful in your personal life, you’re likelier to set forth that state-of-mind in your professional work as well.

Plumbing Goals: Get Inspired!

  1. 3714153689_2dd07ce276_bCheck your toilet–is it time to replace it? If you have an older home, this may be you.  We recently decided to replace ours not because it wasn’t functioning, but because it is so old it simply doesn’t get clean anymore–it’s been cleaned so many times it’s scratched! Not a great sign. I’m always embarassed when company needs to use the restroom and I find myself repeating, “I just cleaned the toilet. It’s just old.” It, quite frankly, grosses me out. Another way to know if you need to replace your toilet? Cracks in the porcelain. A tiny crack can quickly become a headache. Getting it done before it’s a hassle will provide peace of mind for about 100 bucks.

  2. Consider upgrading to lower water usage appliances. This is a bigger decision than just a toilet, but if your water bills are super high, this might be something worth looking into this year. Keep in mind that if you can often get tax credits on higher functioning appliances. After our tax credit and rebates, we were able to purchase a water heater for almost nothing last year!

  3. This one is manual but a lot less expensive. If you have one, check on your sump pump to make sure it’s working properly. It’s relatively easy to crawl under the house and check on it, and vital to protect  your foundation.

What plumbing goals do you have for yourself personally, or professionally this year? How do you expect to reach those goals?

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Don’t let the January slumps get in the way of your plumbing goals!

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