Notifications have Arrived!

Notifications for Syncta have arrived!

This feature has been something we’ve wanted to release for a while now so we’re pretty excited for you to start using it. I’ve put together some of the basics of where you’d utilize notifications, and the benefits of using batch notifications rather than individual emails. (I’ve also put 3 more in-depth articles together to use as reference.)

What Situations are Notifications Useful?

By default we have setup two email templates for you to use. The first one is a great option for customers whose backflow devices you test annually. You can use this as a simple reminder that you’ll be out to test their backflow device. (Being proactive is a theme we preach in many blogs – true here too!) If your customers have an email address set up, you can easily batch email anyone you’re planning on going out to test.

A second place where notifications is valuable is for the customers you may have tested in the past, but haven’t committed to be on your annual test list. A quick note in their email reminds them that their backflow device needs to be tested, and is an easy way for them to quickly respond. No need to pick up the phone, no need to search for their old backflow test report, and no need to google “backflow technicians in my area.”

Just as in other areas of the Syncta app, you’re available to see the details of your notifications after you send them.

What are Some of the Benefits of Using Templates?

I’ve put together several articles in our support area on some of the steps you need to take to set up your own html template to email out.

Here is the first one you may want to reference on setting up new or editing existing templates.

The second one is how to set up and send the notification batch.

You can personalize your templates relatively quickly, especially if you’re referencing the article on Computed Values. Using computed values allows you to send out large batches rather than manually individualized emails. The nice thing about using the computed values is it is personalized without as much work. Customers still see their name and information about their backflow devices. However, now, it’s pulled from the customer’s information already in Syncta so it’s less work for you.

Easily add your company’s address or logo, or choose to list the serial or make or model of device that you’ll be testing. For smaller residential customers, the serial number of a device might not be a huge deal since they typically have one or maybe two devices. In large companies though, such as on large fire lines, listing the devices can be helpful for the customer and you!

Try out notifications and see how much time you can save.

We like to see how our customers utilize features we create differently than we expect. Let us know the ways you choose to use email templates and notifications. Is there something notifications-related you’d be interested in seeing? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Notifications have Arrived!

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