New Features

New Features

There’s no question that we’re living in unprecedented times right now. For many of us, most aspects of our daily life have been altered as we continue to find a new normal. Here at Syncta, we’re grateful that we have the flexibility to continue serving our customers without interruption. In fact, we’ve been busy these past several months rolling out a number of new features that will make using the software even easier.

Merging Invoices

If you have several unpaid invoices for the same customer and want to merge them into one large invoice, you can now quickly do so from a customer’s page. Simply select the invoices you want to merge, and click Merge Selected Invoices. This moves all invoice line items and attachments into one invoice, and the previous invoices are deleted. For more information about how to merge invoices, click here.

You can also merge quotes or work orders customer using a similar process. Click here to learn more.

Transferring Invoices From One Customer To Another

In the event that you need to transfer an invoice from one customer to another, you can now easily do so with just a few clicks. Simply find the customer from whom you want to transfer an invoice, click the Transfer Invoices button, select the customer you want to transfer the invoice to, and then click one more button to complete the process. It’s that easy! Want to learn more? Click here for details.

New Syncta ID

Testers know that assembly serial numbers sometimes get scratched off or are hard to read. Our new Syncta ID is a unique identifier for each backflow assembly, giving you another way to locate an assembly, which makes it easier to submit your test results. For water purveyors, the Syncta ID is created anytime you add a new backflow assembly.

If you use our submission portal, the Syncta ID is automatically created for any assemblies that are sent over from Syncta, as well as for any new backflow assemblies created in the portal.

Features Galore

We’ve covered just a few of our new features. There are several other features that we’ve already implemented, including a new and improved submission portal, a redesigned dashboard for water purveyors, and End of the Year Compliance reports for water purveyors. Look for another Features blog next week that explores these new features in more detail. Until then, stay sane, safe and healthy!

New Features

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