It’s time for our new feature update!

It has been a little while since my last new feature update! As always, we are continuously making changes to help you better manage your backflow business.

Below you’ll find a quick description of the recent changes. I’ve also included a Tips & Tricks section containing helpful hints you may not know about.


You may have noticed the Dashboard has now been organized into sections that make it easier to find what you are looking for. We have a section of each stage of the process in Syncta: Scheduling, Tests, Submissions, and Accounting.

The numbers displayed have been updated to reflect only areas that you need to take action on, making it even easier to jump right into what you need to start working on.

Parent Customer

We have added another ‘layer’ that makes it easy to track companies who manage other companies. Previously it was only really possible to have two layers – the customer could have many service locations. Now, you can make one customer the parent of another. The ‘child’ customer will be appropriately marked as having a parent and you can view all the child customers that a parent has on the customer page.

Invoicing and Parent Customers

If you are using the Invoicing feature within Syncta, we will add all invoice line items that are created for the child customers to the parent customer invoices. Set up the parent customer to be the company that you bill for the backflow tests of the child customer, and let Syncta take care of the rest!

Combine PDF Test Reports

We have made it possible for you to combine PDF reports on your own now. Rather than having to download one at a time, you can select multiple tests on the customer page or on the Review Tests page and download one PDF file containing all of them, using the Save Selected Report PDFs button.

Status Page

As promised we have delivered a status page! If you are ever having issues accessing Syncta you can now check that status of our application here:

This will let you know if Syncta is currently experiencing any outages as well as see any planned down time in the future. You can even review our application’s response time, just in case you are experiencing slower than normal behavior.

Tips & Tricks

One of my favorite things about useful apps are tips and tricks that simplify my life or workload which aren’t always instantly obvious. Let’s check out some of the more recent ones we’ve put into action.

  • Easily update the Water Purveyor for all devices at a service location by selecting the “Set all devices at this location to the service location’s water purveyor” check box when editing the customer or the service location.

  • Want to quickly see if you have any bounced emails of test reports? Easily review any emails that we receive a bounce notification for by selecting the Tracked Email Problems box from the Dashboard.

  • If a water purveyor needs you to re-submit one individual test report, you can easily re-send that one report to them rather than a whole submission.

    First, locate the device that needs to have the report resent. Secondly, select the Show Test Details button for the test that needs to be resent. Then select the “Resubmit this test submission to the water purveyor” button.

    Here’s a help article if you’d like a bit more in-depth information.

  • Does your water purveyor require you to submit to clunky online portals? Make sure you ask us about automating that with Syncta Connect. It can turn a 30 minute task into a 30 second task!
  • Also, don’t forget to take advantage of our integrated Invoicing and Notification features. We have created a new one-time payment portal that customers can use to pay for their invoices, without being a portal user. You can get paid quicker than ever!

We love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please reach out and let us know if there is anything else we can add to save you time 🙂

It’s time for our new feature update!

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