New Features – Part II

New Features – Part II

Last week I talked about some of our new features, including the ability to transfer invoices and merge invoices. I also introduced you to our new Syncta ID, which helps testers always keep track of an assembly, regardless of whether or not it has a visible serial number.

We’ve been so busy adding features that one blog just wasn’t enough to cover all of them. Last week, most of the focus was on our testers. This week, we’re focusing on features that help our water purveyors.

Streamlined Submission Portal

Our water purveyor’s submission portal has been streamlined to make it easier for testers to quickly enter assembly test results and perform other administrative tasks. Now, testers can search for the assembly they want to test by entering the assembly’s serial number or Syncta ID in the Search bar of the portal.

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Before testing, they can quickly review assembly information and update it if needed. And when they’re ready, they can click Test to get started.

Testers can also see a list of all outstanding tests on the Pending Tests page, and then simply click Test Now to begin testing an assembly.

If needed, testers can perform a number of administrative tasks in the portal, including updating user information, adding assemblies, adding and editing gauges, adding payment information, reviewing payment history, and reviewing the history of test submissions.

Want to learn more about the redesigned submission portal? Click here for detailed information.

Redesigned Dashboard for Water Purveyors

Our redesigned dashboard for water purveyors makes it even easier to see where you need to take action first. The simplified dashboard allows you to quickly focus on your most important tasks first, starting at the top of the page and working your way down. Begin your day by looking at items that need to be reviewed, then move to upcoming tests, open tests and routes, pending retests, and past due tests, and finish by reviewing upcoming and open surveys, any outstanding deficiencies, and past due surveys.

Are you a water purveyor who isn’t currently using Syncta and want to learn more? Call us at 503-751-2990 or email us at

End-of-Year Compliance Reports

For water purveyors, having end-of-the year compliance reports isn’t just important – it’s a state requirement. We can work with you to create customized reports by service location type, test, and assembly, down to the assembly type. Call us at 503-751-2990 or email us at to see how we can support your compliance report needs! 

Stay Tuned for More

While we’re always working to add new features and improve our software, our developers have been especially busy these past few months working on even more new features. Want to be the first in the know? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook at @WattsSyncta.

New Features – Part II

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