New Feature – Service Locations

New Feature Update

Service Locations

We are happy to announce that this past Saturday, we released an update to the way locations of devices are managed. This is the first of two changes that will make it easier to track customers with devices at different locations.

Previously, a customer record has a list of devices. And each device has an address. For example:

Now, each customer record is going to contain one or more Service Locations. The service location will then contain one or more devices.

Part of the update includes creating service locations based on the device addresses you have in the system today.

For example, using the list of devices above, we have broken them down into two service locations:

Each customer will have a default service location. The default is the same address as the customer record. Additional locations can be added using the + Location button:

When adding or editing a location, the following details are entered:

Nickname – this is for easy reference
Water Purveyor – this will be the default WP when adding a new device at that location, it can be changed when editing the device
Address – self explanatory 🙂

Service locations, including all the devices at that location, can be transferred using the Transfer Service Locations button:

Devices can still be scheduled or transferred using the following buttons, after selecting the check box next to the device:

There is no impact to functions you perform outside of the customer page. All other features will continue to work as they have in the past.

Step 2 of this update is going to allow you to have additional control over the data at the service location, such as adding names and other information that can be used on the test report form. More information to come on this in the near future!

As always, please reach out any time with comments or questions. We love hearing from you!

New Feature – Service Locations

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