More Features For You! Clustered Pins, Invoices and More…

Another feature blog so soon… Can it be true? 🙂 Today I am following up on a feature mentioned in my last blog, outlining a few additions we made to invoices, and a couple extras.

Clustered Map Pins

This is the one I mentioned in my last blog.. it is now complete! I am sure many of you have already seen this on the maps.

This new features makes it easier to add stops on a route when they geolocate to the same exact location. Helping you from accidentally missing a stop when creating the route.

Here is what the icon will look like when at least one map pin overlaps another:

As you zoom in on the map, these pins will display normally if they are not in the same location. 

When you select the collapsed map pin, each of the pins in that location will be displayed:

After expanding to see all of the map pins you can select each one to add it to a route

More info here: Collapsed Map Pins

Search by Invoice Number

You can now search by invoice number in the normal search bar. When you enter an invoice number in the search bar, invoices will now appear in the quick search results. If you select the enter button they will appear in the complete search results as well. 

We have added a filter to make it possible to search by just invoices:

Selecting an invoice from the search results will take you to the show invoice page where you can view and take action on it.

Write Off Invoices

If you know you are not going to receive payment from a customer on an invoice then you may want to write that invoice off so it no longer shows up in your past due invoices list. Just for this scenario we have created a new button on the Show Invoice page that will allow you to do just that:

Selecting this button will put the invoice into a Written off status and it will no longer show as a past due invoice or add to the total past due receivables. You will still be able to see this invoice on the Customer page so if they try to schedule a test in the future you can reference the invoice you had to write off for them.

Add Payment Reference when Marking Invoices Paid

There is a new button next to the Mark Paid button that will provide you with an option to add a payment reference number to the invoice and mark it paid, at the same time!

Select the button with three dots on it and then select the option Mark Paid With Payment Info:

Then a box will pop up where you can enter the Payment Reference information:

After entering the value you can select the Mark Paid button and the value will be saved on the invoice at the same time the invoice is updated to paid status.

Ability to Send Attachment with the Invoice Email

Ever wanted to include other attachments (such as test reports) when sending the invoice to a customer? It is possible now! On the Show Invoice page you will now see the Attachment section:

Anything that you add in this section will be sent as an attachment to the customer in the email that contains the PDF invoice. So make sure you only include attachments here that you want the customer to receive.

Stop Scheduling Duplicate Tests

Accidents happen.. We all do it! There are times when you may have accidentally scheduled a second test for the same device and this caused confusion. We have implemented a feature that will now prevent you from doing this. Next time you try to schedule another test for the same device you will see an error telling you so and it will prevent you from scheduling that second test.

Turn Off the Calendar in the Customer Portal

If you would prefer your customers to not have an option of selecting a date when scheduling a test in the customer portal, you can now turn off the calendar date selector. Just go to the Portal Options page, under Administration.

Find the option that says Show Calendar Option To Select When A Test Needs To Be Completed By To Portal Customers and set it to No.

Select the Save Portal Options button at the bottom of the page and you are all set. New and existing customers will no longer have the option to select a date when scheduling a test.

What do you think about these new additions? Will they help you be more productive every day? As always we love to hear your feedback so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your life easier!

More Features For You! Clustered Pins, Invoices and More…

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