Meet Tomas, Our New Inside Sales Associate

Hi there! My name is Tomas and I do sales here at Syncta. If you recently signed up as a new customer, chances are you’ve talked to me.

I am very excited to be a part of the Syncta family because our tool brings technology to an industry that has dearly needed it for years. Before Syncta, backflow testers used paper, individually logged into water purveyor’s online systems, mapped their own routes, and generated their own invoices. With Syncta, all of that is a thing of the past!

It’s thrilling to show current and future customers how our solution can help them. I enjoy doing live demonstrations of our software, allowing people to see firsthand the benefits of using Syncta.

I have been working in tech since I was in the Coast Guard from 2005-2009; that’s when I discovered I had a passion for it. I quickly learned that technology made it easier to get through my daily functions, which made me more efficient.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to grow in this industry. I have been working on my craft for the past eight years, learning everything I possibly can about the software and hardware industry. In my time working in sales, I have learned how much technology impacts most industries by automating many functions of a person’s job.

I love my job because I’m on the front lines; I get to hear what customers need and their areas of interest. I enjoy working with a team that’s willing and open to adding new features and making the changes that our customers really want.

I’m new to Oregon and am excited to finally have the opportunity to camp and hike in a place that was made for it. I’ve got everything that I could possibly want – I’m 90 minutes from the beach and am less than two hours from the mountains to go snowboarding. When I’m not hiking and adventuring with my wife, we’re prepping for our new baby girl who is scheduled to arrive on November 5.

In closing, I feel that it’s a dream come true to be at the beginning of such an amazing company and to help people in an industry that can benefit from using Syncta. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help backflow testers get back to what they do most – testing!

Meet Tomas, Our New Inside Sales Associate

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