Making backflow a more connected industry

We live in a connected world. I’ve talked about this more times than I can count.

A system can’t stand on its own – it needs to interact with other systems, and communicate with both other internal systems to your business and systems that are outside of your business.

The backflow industry is lagging behind in this area, bad.

No Man is an Island

We’ve said it before and it’s more so true with connectivity than other areas – we want to change that. We want to make the backflow industry a more connected place. It saves time for everyone; it reduces the chance for mistakes when moving between systems, and it removes any delays in information exchange. (How many test reports sit on a water purveyors desk for weeks before they are entered in their system? I know many times late notices aren’t even sent out because a purveyor doesn’t know what devices have actually been tested)

We recently released SynctaOne – a tool that allows our system to automatically submit to most other online test submission tools.

It’s a powerful tool. It’s so different than what people are used to in the industry that we frequently hear – wow, that sounds like magic (or nonsense), you can’t possibly do that.

Are you a tester submitting tests to a water purveyor through a required web portal? We can probably save you doing that. If you submit backflow results to a water utility via solutions like BSI Online, Tokay, Xc2, Track My Backflow, Formlink, or via a local utility solution, we can save you time.

We do think SynctaOne is pretty magical, but it isn’t nonsense – it works, and it saves a ridiculous amount of time and effort.

It’s time to get Connected!

We’d love to communicate with other systems directly; it’s the most straight-forward & reliable way to do it. Unfortunately, many other systems aren’t keeping pace with technology – so we leverage technology to work with them to save time for our customers. When another solution tells us it’s not possible to link the systems, we like to prove them wrong. And, often to the surprise of the other system, we’ve found a reliable way to connect and submit results automatically.

This is just the first step of many for us to make it easier to share information in the backflow industry.

We’re working on documenting Syncta’s API so that other systems will be able to read & make changes from us. It’s common in other industries to allow this kind of interaction between systems. It isn’t in backflow, and we want to change that. This will expose the power of connecting Syncta to any system that you’d like, whether we have an existing integration for it or not. No more copying excel files between systems and clunky data import/export processes. Direct, real-time communication is the norm now-a-days; we’re working to make it that way in backflow.

Are you staying connected? If you’re interested in learning more about SynctaOne, let us know! We’d be happy to discuss how we can help save you time.

Making backflow a more connected industry

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