Make your backflow website stand out

It’s Tech Thursday!

How many times have I talked about having a good backflow website? More than a couple times. I’ve discussed utilizing marketing correctly, things to avoid when building a website, and how Syncta can provide you a website via our portal.

Today I wanted to point you towards a tool you should consider using in your quest to ensure your website stands out from your competitors.

The need for speed!

Often overlooked, speed is something we’re always focusing on.

How quickly your website loads is critical to your success – both in your customers being satisfied and staying around to do what they need to do on your site, and in being favorably ranked in search engines. (How often do you go past page 1 or 2 of Google results? You want to be ranked highly to appear on those first pages.)

The best tool I know of to see how you stack up is Google Pagespeed Insights.

Just pop in your website URL and see what comes up. Put in some competitors sites or industry sites to see how people stack up. It’s pretty fun to see where different companies measure up. Don’t be surprised to see some of the largest names in the industry with abysmal scores.

The tool gives you a score back between 0 and a 100. Anything over 80 and you’re in a good spot. That means your site is really quick and there isn’t much to improve upon. For a backflow website, anything over 50 and you’re doing pretty good.

Make simple improvements.

The best part about Pagespeed Insights is that you’ll get a nice succinct list of things to do to improve your speed. There are usually two or three low-hanging fruits you can do to make big improvements.

Make sure the images you’re using aren’t massively over-sized, and make sure as much information you’re providing is compressed as best as possible. If you’re using WordPress or another CMS system there are lots of plugins to quickly help you get these things in line. If you’re using a static-hosted site, google will generate the compressed/improved files for you to drop in to your site.

Don’t focus too much on the jargon in the output. There are plenty of very technical things you need to do generally to get a score over 90, and for the typical website and they usually aren’t worth it. We’re a technology shop and even we outsourced our last round of improvements for our site because going from 75-80 to 90+ takes very specific knowledge.

The differences are usually very worth it since you’ll rank better in search results, and most importantly your customers will appreciate your site is lightning fast.

If you’re already using our customer portal, you don’t have anything to worry about. Your portal is already optimized to be as quick as possible.

Make your backflow website stand out

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