Make sure you’re getting the most of your marketing dollars online – Part 3

This is the third part of a multi-part look at making sure you’re getting the most of your online marketing presence – with as little effort as possible.

Read the first part here & the second part here.

Today we’re going to focus on making sure that the information we’ve setup with Google, Facebook, Bing, & Yelp is getting us the most value it can.

Some of these will sound like repeats or are very obvious – it’s true! but the basics are the most important parts. You can spend a lot of time getting all the information that each of the major sites ask you for – it certainly isn’t a bad idea to do that but a lot of those less common fields & information start to give you diminishing returns.

These are the big ticket pieces of information that are more likely to drive more customers to your website.


Pictures are more important than ever – they put a face on your business – they show your customers who you are. You want good pictures. Skip the cell phone, get out the good camera and spend a little bit of time getting some really good pictures showing what you do, and who you are. It’s okay to stage some photos – you just want to put your best foot forward.

Make sure your pictures are turned the right direction and they don’t have anything odd or super distracting in them.

a plumber soldering pipe

A good example, if a little small

plumber under sink sideways
A bad example – sideways, time stamp, very busy background, not good!



Reviews give your potential customers examples of your previous work – they help with your social proof.

Asking for them can be awkward but it’s something that can really help. The best examples I’ve seen of asking for reviews well is when companies call a week or so after the work is done to ensure everything was done well and the customer was satisfied – it’s a great time to ask your customer for a positive review or resolve any issues for them. Figure out the best way to maintain a relationship with your customers and make sure asking for reviews is worked in to your system.

Bad reviews are probably going to happen at some point. Nobody wants them but it’s the nature of people. We are far more likely to spend the time to seek out a review site and leave a complaint than to leave a positive review. Follow up with them – call your customer, ask them how you can make it right. Leave a follow up comment in response to the review (all major sites allow this.)

Other Info

Between Google, Facebook, Bing & Yelp you’ll have a little bit of difference in the information you put up. All the sites are geared towards a different audience and collect different information. However, there is some information you want to absolutely make sure match 100% across all of them. I mean down to the special characters! List your phone number with periods ie 503.555.1212 instead of parentheses ie (503) 555-1212 is not a problem but do it the same on every site.

The information to make sure matches precisely between the four major sites is:

  • your business address
  • your website address
  • your phone number and if applicable fax number
  • your hours of operation

Also make sure this information is in the footer of every page of your website.

All of this information in sync across all of the websites helps remove any potential confusion your customers might experience (Facebook says they’re closed at 5:30, Google says they are open until 6:30, which is it?) and helps the search engines relate your pages better. Bonus points if it saves a customer calling you to ask a basic question!

That’s it for this week – spend some time putting your best foot forward and getting any of that missing information filled out.

Next week – all of this is great but how well is it working exactly? We’ll look at how to keep track of your marketing with metrics.

Make sure you’re getting the most of your marketing dollars online – Part 3

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