Make sure you’re getting the most of your marketing dollars online – Part 2

This is the second part of a multi-part look at making sure you’re getting the most of your online marketing presence – with as little effort as possible.

Read the first part here

Today we’re looking at the second most important piece of your online marketing: The rest of the big sites you need to be on – Facebook, Bing Places, & Yelp

Getting Started:

I’m assuming you’ve read the first part of the series and have your Google My Business page up – if you don’t start there. You’ll get probably as much traction out of Google My Business as you will out of the next three popular options combined. It’s that important to start there.

Setup your Facebook Business Page

If you don’t have a Facebook Business page yet let’s start there – this is different than your personal profile page and is much better than trying to create a ‘profile’ for your business as many people do on accident.

Facebook makes it very easy – head over to their simple walkthrough and get started – you’ll need your own Facebook account to get started.

Setup your Bing Places for Business

This is actually a one-two punch – you’re getting Bing & Yahoo Places in one signup process.

Their setup process is straight forward – Bing’s Business Front Page will guide you through a few steps and you’ll be set.

Claim your Yelp Business

Yelp is very popular with restaurants and food but is getting a growing following for service businesses. It’s similar to Angie’s list without the requirement for members to pay an upfront fee. Getting started is similar to the others – start on their business owner homepage and follow the signup process.

Next steps:

Now that you’ve got all of those setup next week we’ll walk through some tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new-found marketing presence online as well as some other popular online options including Angie’s List & their competitors.

Make sure you’re getting the most of your marketing dollars online – Part 2

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