How we learned what our Customer Portal needed to be

Last week I talked about the unquestionable need for small businesses to have a website. And also how the backflow industry is trailing far behind the average in companies with websites.

This week lets talk about how we built our Customer Portal and why we think it’s the best solution to having a website for your company.

We’ve been hard at work for the last few months on the Customer Portal. We’re very near having it ready for all of our customers to use.

When we decided to create the Customer Portal our aim was simple: Enable our customers to have a website that meets their needs & their customers needs with as little fuss & cost as possible.

Feedback is important

We worked with a number of our customers to determine what they really needed out of a website. Some things we heard:

I don’t have a website because they are too expensive

My website answers questions but customers still have to call me to schedule their test

It’s complicated to update my website

I have a website but I never think about it

And then we talked to Consumers and backflow customers and asked them what they would like to receive electronically from their backflow company. We heard from them:

I want to pay by credit card, online if possible

I don’t want to have to call to schedule, can’t they do it online?

Why are they still sending me my test report copy & invoice by mail? It’s a waste of paper!

The combination of this feedback led us to a simple but elegant Customer Portal. We believe it will let you service your customers better than ever before. And bring in new customers with less effort, a win, win!

The Result

The main page your customers see is a simple one-page website – you can customize your business name & provide your logo. The first thing people see is a form to schedule a test: nice and simple! The rest of the page shows your test prices with information and then additional sections that you can customize. Some of our customers talk about why they are the best tester in their area, others cover additional services they offer, it’s up to you to decide how to market yourself. But the good part is it’s an easy point-and-click interface built right in to Syncta. No more remembering login details to another system; it’s all in one place.

screenshot of customer portal landing page

Scheduling a test for a user is easy – they can do it right on the Portal – fill out their information. If they know additional information about their device they can enter it, if not they don’t have to. They enter their credit card information and they are done! It’s three easy steps for your customer to schedule a test with you. They get an email and you get a new test added to your Syncta pending tests workflow.

It gets better! Once you complete the test they get notified the test is complete and that they’ve been billed for it. They can then always see their test report copies directly in the Portal – no more mailing test reports to your customers or having customers ask for past test reports.

Your customers are happy and you have more time in your day – that’s what we always aim for and we think the Portal is another great way to do that.

Sorry, I got a bit excited there. I think this is going to change the way consumers work with their testing companies and I’m excited about that. We’re hoping to have it available for our customers in the next week or so – stay tuned for the official announcement.

How we learned what our Customer Portal needed to be

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