Invoicing with Syncta: Our newest feature is here!

We’ve been working with beta testers to develop a full-featured invoicing option. It’s been in the works for a while; while we love presenting new features to our customers, we also like to make sure a feature is working effectively before releasing it on the masses.

Why did Syncta switch from a billing feature to an Invoicing feature?

When Jeremiah first started Syncta, we weren’t even sure that we’d have a billing page at all. With so many bookkeeping software options on the market, we didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. But when our very first customer asked for a billing option, we realized we had to build something out.

And then about a year later, someone mentioned wanting an invoicing option. We said Hmm, no. And then we said no, not yet. And then, finally, we said Okay. If our customers want something, we like to deliver if we can.

So, in short, we’re switching away from Billing and to Invoicing for a simple reason: our customers wanted it.

What kind of features can I expect with Syncta’s Invoicing?

You can expect some streamlining with our newest feature. Creating Invoices to start, being able to bill directly from Syncta, getting paid directly if you have stripe connect enabled, viewing invoicing history, and no need to toggle between your accounting software and Syncta!

How can I best utilize Invoicing for my business?

We’ve written up some documentation for how to use invoicing – getting started is simple!

Below is a quick glance at how you might want to use Invoicing.

Creating Invoices

The first step to invoicing is creating an invoice. There are two different ways to do this to best fit your workflow style.

1. An invoice is automatically generated when a test is performed.

Each time a tester completes a backflow device test, the test is automatically generated as an invoice line item. From here, you can edit the line item, add additional items, or delete the invoice entirely.

Invoice Line Items
2. New invoices that are not related to a test can be created by selecting the New Invoice button from the customer’s page.
Invoicing from a customer page

From either of these places, you’re able to add line items by creating blank rows to fill in manually, or by selecting a Standard Invoice Item.

After you’ve added all the line items you need, simple use the Mark Invoice as Billed or Bill Invoice and Send Email buttons to take action from this edit screen.

You can find a more in-depth article on this here.

Billing Customers for Invoices

Just as with our previous billing feature, you have the option to bill or not bill invoices.

Now, if you choose to Bill & Email an invoice directly to a customer, they will receive an emailed invoice. So easy! Additionally, if you have Stripe Connect set up and have a customer’s credit card on file, when you choose to Bill & Email them, they’ll automatically be charged and will receive their invoice and a receipt. Even Easier!

Bill & Email Button

You can also continue to mail invoices since many customers still appreciate a paper copy.

Invoices that are billed but not paid right away (no credit card on file for that customer) will appear in the Billed Invoices section of the New Invoices page, or they will appear on the Past Due Invoices page if the invoice is now past due based on the conditions set on the invoice.

Notifying Customers of past due Payments

Invoicing Past Due Notifying

A business doesn’t survive without receiving payments. It can be hard, though, to track down each unpaid invoice. We’ve set up a page where you can quickly glance at your overdue invoices, and then notify customers of overdue payments via email.

For more information on Past Due Invoices, you can read about it here.

Accessing Invoice History and Restoring a Deleted Invoice

Rather than hard-deleting anything in Syncta, we keep it all. That’s true for devices, customers, tests, and now, invoices. You can easily restore a deleted invoice.

Deleted Invoices

You can quickly view your Invoicing History. From there, you can also re-email invoices to customers in case they’ve deleted it from their inbox.

Resend Invoices

Let us know how we can help!

Better streamlining,improving backflow workflow, encourage signup,

We’re always aiming to wrap all your backflow testing management needs into one place: Syncta. Juggling between multiple software programs is more than annoying – it’s a waste of time! Invoicing is yet another way we’re improving how you use your time. With better streamlining and improvement of workflow, we want to make sure our customers are experiencing a fluid, easy-to-manage business. We’re hopeful invoicing can help with that.

If you’d like to check invoicing out, it’s included in our free 30-day trial. No strings attached so feel free to sign up today!

As always, if you have any questions that aren’t answered in our articles, please let us know. Also, if you have suggestions for invoicing changes or additions, we would love to hear them!

Invoicing with Syncta: Our newest feature is here!

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