Invite customers to your Customer Portal

I’m passionate about our Customer Portal. I think it’s the best feature of Syncta. I’ve talked about how fired up your customers are about making it easier to pay them & communicate with them before. And if you have happy customers, you have return customers–and a more secure business.

This week we’ve released a simple update to our Customer Portal that allows you to invite an existing customer of yours from within Syncta to use your customer portal. You can also see information about the last time a customer accessed the portal as well.

It’s easy to use. All you need to do is ensure the customer has an email address. Once they do you’ll see the ‘Invite to Portal’ button in their contact info.


Click that and an email will be dispatched to that customer with a simple welcome message and their temporary password like below


You’ll also see that the invitation was sent to the customer where the ‘invite to portal’ button used to be. Once the person has signed in to the portal that will again change to be the last time they were signed in to your portal.

If you’d like to invite multiple customers we can save you the time of doing it individually – please reach out to us as we can batch invite customers for you without having to click each one’s button. (In the future, we’ll have this as an option as well.)

The list of things you can schedule or order online is growing everyday. A few new ones I’ve seen recently: haircuts, oil changes, event vet appointments.

Why not make your customers lives easier? Let them schedule & manage their backflow device testing online with your companies own Customer Portal with Syncta? Invite customers to your customer portal–and start scheduling backflow tests quicker than ever.

Invite customers to your Customer Portal

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