Say Hi to Darryl, Syncta’s New Lead Mobile Developer

Hi, I’m Darryl, the Lead Mobile Developer at Syncta. I am very excited to join Syncta on our path to the future. One of the reasons I am so excited is that I have the opportunity to build and design a brand new mobile app from the ground up. Since its inception, Syncta has always encouraged customer feedback. By adding new resources like myself, we are now working hard to incorporate that feedback and build the best mobile app that we can for our customers.

I became really interested in working with Syncta after watching a video of Jeremiah on the web. His passion to help his customers save time and make money using the software was engaging. He just seemed to get it.

I have worked in the web/mobile space since 1999 in some form or another. My first experience was working with USWEB to build websites for large corporate clients. This was in the early days of the web, and we were all just figuring it out as we went. Back then a mobile phone was the size of a brick!

Around 2002 I set up a small web design shop. Living in Los Angeles, I built a lot of sites for entertainment companies. This was an exciting time – just the beginnings of using animation and video on the web. We were starting to see the possibilities of what this “Internet” thing could become.

After about five years of working with clients, I wanted to work within a larger corporation to learn their best practices. For the next decade, I worked at Fortune 500 companies.

Now, I’m excited to be in an entrepreneurial division within a large company. It’s really the best of both worlds. We can move fast and be nimble to meet our customers’ needs, and we have the backing of our corporate parent.

But life is not all work! In my off hours, I spend time with my kids at their football games, track meets, and softball games. Being from Los Angeles, I am huge sports homer and can’t wait for the basketball season to begin! Go Lakers!

Say Hi to Darryl, Syncta’s New Lead Mobile Developer

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