We’re going native – phone apps that is

Whether you’re an android or iOS owner – we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken our web interface and made it better with native apps on both platforms.




Having phone apps lets us do a lot of neat things we can’t do in a browser on a phone. I’ll run through a few of the benefits for us and for you.

The most important part of having native apps on a phone instead of using your browser: it’s faster for you. Less overhead of using a browser with all the bells and whistles. We only use what we need in our apps instead of a lot of extras we don’t use. You should generally notice using the apps are faster than if you were using Syncta in a mobile browser.


You also get a nice little shortcut on your home screen and app drawer. No need to fumble through the mobile browser shortcut linking buttons to do the same thing. Simpler is better!2016-11-12-00-21-06

Many of the most frequently requests we get for features are improvements to our website application on mobile devices. That’s also the hardest to contend with for us – there are a *lot* of different mobiles devices. They all also work a little bit differently. Sometimes we have issues that only occur on a single or a few devices. Making a change to our application that fixes that issue for a website would usually mean introducing less than ideal behavior for many more unaffected devices.

A great example: The Samsung keyboard is notoriously troublesome – it tends to do things that you wouldn’t expect it to do. Most recently we had a customer asking why the keyboard didn’t have a decimal place on their number keyboard used while entering a check PSI value. Turns out Samsung on their numeric keyboard for a specific version of their OS doesn’t have a decimal!

Fixing that on our website would mean changing the keyboard that every phone uses from a number keyboard (easier to use) to a full keyboard – and that means an extra click to pull up numbers and smaller keyboard inputs.

Now with a mobile app we can handle these one-off issues and provide fixes for the specific device without effecting other users. In the case above we add a very simple check to see if the device they are running our app on is affected by the bug.  If it is, we display a full keyboard instead of the broken number keyboard. No other users are effected and the problem is fixed!

We’re just getting started

These are just the first iteration of our mobile app. Feedback from everyone that uses them will help us focus where to improve first. The more folks that start using the apps will help us collect data on where they spend the most time in them. We’ll spend time improving pages that get used a lot more than pages that don’t get used (a page that’s used 100 times in a day deserves more attention than one that’s used 5 times a year.)

So please – install them and tell us how we can make them more useful to you.

We’re going native – phone apps that is

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