Today is Giving Tuesday: Water organizations

Today is Giving Tuesday. This day, which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, began in 2012. Huge corporations joined together to give back to charities and individuals, focusing on swinging against the pendulum of consumerism. I’m not here to bash consumerism though–I like capitalism, and I enjoy buying Christmas gifts probably more than I should. I spend hours looking for just that perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree for my loved ones. This isn’t the kind of giving that #GivingTuesday focuses on though.

Instead, Giving Tuesday focuses on a more philanthropic approach. It can be hard during this time of year to want to donate money to a cause. After all, while retail businesses are often in the black during this time of year, individuals are often in the red. If you can spare to donate though, here’s a fantastic encompassing list of water-related organizations that can benefit from your dollar. If you donate to WaterAid today, every dollar you give will be matched. Double my donation? Yes, please!

“All donations on Giving Tuesday will be doubled, thanks to a few generous WaterAid supporters! Ready to help transform lives by providing clean water and toilets to some of the world’s poorest communities?” -WaterAid

With the holidays coming up, what are you getting the person who has everything? A donation in their name to one of these organizations may be just the ticket!

Care is another organization willing to not only match your donation today, but actually triple whatever you give! Care focuses on women’s rights and states, “impoverished women are disproportionately excluded from decisions regarding water’s allocation and management.”

Also, did your company have an influx of day-after-thanksgiving emergency calls? You may want to consider donating a portion of your company’s income to an organization before the end of the year. This would insure that your donations fall in 2016.

If donating to these organizations isn’t something you want to consider, there are also places like habitat for humanity that will take old sinks, and in-tact plumbing. This also keeps these bulky things out of the landfill. That’s a win-win-win scenario!

Happy Giving Tuesday!

Today is Giving Tuesday: Water organizations

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