Gift Ideas for Backflow Testers

With December already here, the Holiday Season is officially upon us. Looking for gift ideas for the backflow tester, plumber, or irrigation worker in your life? Look no further!

Something Sharp

Everyone can use a Leatherman – and this rings especially true for anyone in a skilled trade. With price ranges from 25 dollars to 100, the Leatherman can be a gift in nearly any budget. Just make sure they open this gift first, so they can use the knife to help open the tape of any other presents! Want to notch it up a bit? Have it engraved with the initials of the giftee.

The SideKick Leatherman has 14 tools and runs $49.95.

Something Bright

Backflow testers often use flashlights or cameras to capture the serial number on a device. And while smartphones are capable of doing that, you might not want to risk a 500-dollar phone being covered in muck.

A really cool option is a relatively inexpensive inspection camera. Harbor Freight offers one for $75 and can be incredibly useful.

Digital Inspection Camera from Cen-Tech.

If you’re interested in a cheaper option, tiny flashlights are super useful! You can usually get some LED ones for just a couple dollars at a tool store.

Something Essential

Perfect for a stocking stuffer, sunscreen is essential for the backflow tester who does a lot of irrigation backflow testing! Travel sizes are perfect for throwing in the center console of a work truck, while my favorites are spray sunscreens like the coppertone sport for around $10. Looking to splurge? Jack Black Sun Guard Sunscreen is a little pricier, but doesn’t give that sticky feeling that many sunscreens do.

With an SPF of 45, this Sun Guard is a great gift idea.

Something Safe!

Any backflow tester will be grateful for some new work gloves. There’s a plethora of options on the market, but making sure to get waterproof ones is key so hands stay warm and dry, especially in the colder months. Glove preference can be pretty specific, so making sure you know their preferences is key in a good pair. Some things to consider is how a glove is fastened (elastic, buckle, etc) as well as how flexible and durable the gloves are. In super cold regions, you may want to consider something like these ninja gloves which have another a second insulation layer.

Something Useful

Want to give the gift of peace of mind? How about a subscription to Syncta to simplify their work life? You don’t even have to tell your backflow tester it’s free for 30 days, if you don’t want to.

Finding that perfect present can be hard work! I hope these gift ideas make holiday shopping a bit easier for you. Have a safe and warm Holiday Season!

Gift Ideas for Backflow Testers

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