Getting your gauge calibrated

When we moved in to the home we now live in, the kitchen had not up been updated since the 50s, and I’m fairly sure the oven was close to original as well. When I tried to bake a pie, I took it out after about 20 minutes with smoke pouring out of the oven. Why? Well, things age and require calibration. And in this case, the oven’s temp gauge hadn’t been calibrated in a long time… and seemed to be overcompensating. Calibration matters!

How often do I need to calibrate my backflow test kit?

Whatever you call it -be it test kit or gauge- it’s gotta be calibrated to work. There are several working parts in a backflow gauge, so there’s a lot of opportunity for it become inaccurate over time. Each year, you need to take your test kit to get calibrated professionally.

Who sets the gauge standards?

There are two compliance standards for having a gauge re-calibrated. Some states use the AWWA standards, while most states use The University of Southern California’s Foundation of Cross Connection Control. It’s the same place we use as reference for our list of approved assemblies in Syncta.

What’s involved with gauge calibration?

Each calibration shop offers different options on what goes into their general calibration service. Typically, though, a given process of gauge calibration includes disassembling the gauge for cleaning, pressure testing the hoses and needle valves to identify leaks, and verification of accuracy with ±.2 psid. Some places boast even smaller ranges!


Repairs aren’t usually needed if a test kit is well maintained and calibrated regularly. It can be inevitable that valves wear out with use and age, though. It can often times be well-worth having a gauge refurbished and repaired instead of purchasing a brand new one.

How much does gauge calibration cost?

The cost of calibration ranges from about $75 to $100 for a test kit. There are several online options that allow you to send your gauge in and have it returned within 5 to 7 days, but you can save on shipping if you have a local place. Repair costs vary greatly, though, so make sure to get a quote before having the work done.

What’s your experience been with getting your test kit re-calibrated. Any great shops you’ve worked with? Any horror stories?

Getting your gauge calibrated

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