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I’ve talked about our Customer Portal on more than one occasion. I’ve also talked about the need for every business to have a website in this day and age. You’ll bring in more new customers & keep your existing customers happier with one. Having a website now is as expected by your customers as having a phone number was 20 years ago.

Don’t have a website? Don’t know how to get started with one or don’t want to spend the $25-100/month having one hosted or the much bigger cost of having someone build one for you? Well, now it’s easy and inexpensive – you can setup our Customer Portal on your very own website for as little as the cost of the domain registration (about 10 bucks a year)

That means your customers can access and schedule tests, see their history, pay their bills and get information about your company without any additional costs. Already have a website but want to tune it up a bit? No problem – it’s easy to include our portal right in your existing site.

Existing site or none at all – let’s get you a website today! With all the gritty details.

Starting from nothing

You need two things to have a website on your own domain ( rather than

First things first – the domain – the domain is your phone number on the internet – – in our case it’s They work best when they are short and memorable. Getting one with a .com ending is the most common but there are numerous top level domains (.net, .com, etc) that you can get.  They all work the same, and you can frequently get a shorter one that doesn’t end in .com. You’re far better off with a shorter & more memorable domain than a very long one – is easier to tell someone & easier for them to remember than – There are way too many things to ask a customer to remember there!

You register a domain a year at a time – it tends to run about $10-20/yr depending on your choice of top level domain and the company you use to register the domain. Common low-cost options that are good are & Take your pick and start looking for a good domain name – it might take you a number of tries before you find a good relevent one. It’s worth spending some time looking for the right one rather than picking the first one they suggest.

The second part – you need  a web host – someone that hosts your website. Using my phone metaphor from the domain – they are the person that answers your phone and displays your website when someone dials up your domain. It’s easiest to use the same company to get your web hosting from and your domain – it’ll make tying the two together pretty much seamless. Godaddy on an annual plan will run you 60/yr for hosting with a domain, namecheap runs a bit more–around 100/yr. There is an endless list of options for hosting & domain names – search around, ask your friends.

Pick a domain name and a low cost web provider – don’t get lost in the details of their fancy plans & upgrades – I haven’t seen a backflow company need anything beyond the basic plan – even the largest ones! Using our portal you wont need to worry about security or certificates – we’ll handle that part for you.

Starting with an existing site!

You’ve got an existing website and a domain (or you just set one up with the steps above) Great! We’re most of the way there. You can either make your Syncta Portal your main webpage, or you can make it a part of your webpage.

Adding it to your website

Making it a part of your webpage is a little less involved – you have a few options. You can link to your portal just like any other link to another webpage.

Or, if you’d like to have your portal blend in a little more to your website you can embed it anywhere within your application (on a specific page is fairly common.) To do this you use a specific piece of code called an iframe. An iframe is a piece of HTML that lets you load another webpage (or in our case another website, your portal) in your page.

It’s as easy as adding a piece of html anywhere on your website like below – just replace the ‘src’ portion with your portal url found within Syncta here.

Using it as your site

Using your portal as your entire site is fairly similar – we’re still using the same idea of an iframe – just one that covers the whole page/site. We need to add some additional elements to the page so that the only thing visible is your portal. If you’re using a basic or free webhost you can create a basic html file called index.html that will display your portal. Copy below and replace the src with your portal and the change the ‘title’ section to have your name. Put it up on your web space – how that’s done is normally as easy as dragging it from your computer to your web hosts site or editing the file in your web browser – the details will depend on your webhost. If you run in to issues, reach out to us – we’re happy to help if you get stuck.

That’s it – go see it in action on the page you put the iframe on or your domain name.

I’ve included an example below (albeit a bit smaller than I’d suggest)- our blog runs on WordPress – to include an iframe in WordPress I installed the ‘iframe’ plugin and then used the shortcode:

Easy as that – a website makes you & your customers lives easier – our portal makes that event easier for all involved. Get yours set up today!

Get a backflow website TODAY

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