Map Pins are Available.

Geo-location. I use the term expecting everyone to know what I mean. But 18 months ago I wasn’t familiar with the term. It wasn’t until we started creating our routing page that I had much knowledge of it at all. I simply took getting from point A to point B using the navigation on my smartphone.  GPS has changed how we travel. Long gone are the days of paper maps, as much nostalgia as I have for them.

GeolocationThere’s always room for improvements, so we’re making them!

We recently implemented the ability to pin a location when editing an individual customer page, as well as when editing a customer’s device. Sometimes the geo-location format we use doesn’t line up the address perfectly. We use a latitude and longitude method of finding addresses, so pins are located where an address is supposedly located. Sometimes, though, a location has one address with acres of land, or multiple buildings. This gets a little funky when trying to find a backflow device.  If you ask an administrative assistant at the front of a large complex, they’ll likely just blink at you when you ask, “Where is your backflow prevention device located?” Chances are, most employees haven’t paid any attention to the backflow devices even if they do see them on a daily basis. So allowing to move the pin to at least the appropriate building can help quite a bit.Device Pick Map Location


Pinning locations

Instead of relying solely on geo-location, we let you move the pin by selecting “Pick Map Location” by editing a customer’s page. Choose exactly where the customer is. Additionally, this idea is also used when editing a device. It’s just as easy as editing a customer or device as it was before, and the pin location is saved for future backflow tests simply by saving the device or customer.

Our ideology of improvement resides in the fact that we strive to be better today than we were yesterday. We hope that by being able to use this feature, you’ll cut down on a little confusion when locating a customer’s device, and in doing so, save time.

What feature are you looking forward to Syncta implementing? Is there one you’re eager to see? Let us know!

Map Pins are Available.

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