Proactively create routes and assign them to testers

Route optimization feature for maximum efficiency

Easily search customers & devices for adding to routes

Syncta’s routing functionality can help you simplify your work week and spend less time driving. It was designed with the understanding that everyone plans their day a little differently. Take advantage of this flexible feature to organize your day.

  • Create a route to plan a tester’s day, week, or month
  • Set your own order or optimize to increase efficiency
  • Add or remove stops as changes come up
  • Assign a route to one tester or have another finish it

Not interested in using this feature? No problem. Tests don’t have to be added to routes. You can easily search for customers and devices while in the field and record test results on the spot! Learn more here.

Stop printing routes

When an administrator or tester sets up a new route, they can choose from available tests on a map. Viewing the locations on a map helps you easily set up a route for a specific area of town. Simply click on the map pin to add a new stop on a route. After you’ve finished adding all the stops, let us optimize it for you.

When a tester starts their day, they can pull up the assigned route and start running through each test. Each stop of the route is displayed with the needed details, such as address, location, and comments. Technicians can quickly record test results at each stop, save them, and move on to the next stop. Or they can skip a stop and come back later, if needed.   

Have multiple devices at one address?

With Syncta, you can use our handy map pins to mark the device’s actual location on the property. Stop wandering around – grab the map pin and move it to exactly where the device is located!

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