Data Analytics

See how you’re doing and plan for the future

In the Reports section of Syncta we provide you with the data you need to manage your backflow business. You can view historical information, as well as data that can be used to plan for the future.

A popular report we offer is “Devices with upcoming tests in the next 45 days.” This allows our users to get ahead of schedule by planning the upcoming month. Stop relying on customers to contact you. Store all the due dates for your water purveyors, and have them automatically generated into your pool of scheduled tests a month before they’re due.

All of the reports can be viewed in Syncta or they can be downloaded in CSV or Excel formats.

Are we missing a report that will help you run your business? Let us know – we’re happy to create it!

Know where your business is in just a glance

The first thing you see when logging into Syncta is the Dashboard. It displays a high-level snapshot of your business that can help you determine where you may need to focus your attention. 

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